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GT3 Air Conditioning Condenser……Ouch

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Had some work done on the car lately and got them to re-charge the AC.

Its not … and never has been, holding the gas and they used their snifter tool to look for a leak and it looks to be the Condenser (radiator type thing) that’s leaking.

There are 2 of them and they are over £400 .....and that each I think! :censored:

I have asked them to check again in case it’s a leaking O ring or pipe somewhere.

Anyone else has similar problems that turned out to be a nice cheap O ring?

Anyone else had to get the condenser replaced?

Anyone have an equivalent ford or whoever part number where the same part costs £100….. no I didn’t think so.

Summer comming and it would be soooo good to have the please

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You should be able to find an off the shelf generic parallel flow condenser that will work. Get as large a unit as you can fit. There's nothing special about the 2 unit setup that Lotus uses other than the odd sizes and a single large unit will be more efficient than the 2 units plumbed in parallel.

Upgrading the fans and shroud would be a help also but the oem fans should do the job ok.

See my post here.


The unit I used was 27" x 12" and the 12" height just barely fit. Wider would be better also but that was the largest I could find. Mounting the unit is easy, requiring only slight modification of some brackets. The exisiting hoses were used as is. I paid about $140 US for the condenser.

My ac is now working great, better than it ever has.



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1995 S4s

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I was able to get some matching aftermarket condensers for £150 each. I think PNM and SJ Sportcars have them.

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