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Raid/Atiwe Airbag Steering Wheel Conversion - It doesn't have to be Difficult! - Interior/Exterior/Lights/Glass/Alarms/ICE/HVAC - The Lotus Forums - Lotus Community Partner #ForTheOwners Jump to content


Raid/Atiwe Airbag Steering Wheel Conversion - It doesn't have to be Difficult!

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Ok, so let me start by saying that whoever started the rumor about Esprit airbag hub adapters not being available from Raid/Atiwe was sorely mistaken, and I’m living proof of that. In addition, the stories about difficulties shipping these wheels from Germany are also unfounded. This really doesn’t have to be as difficult as some have made out. You don’t need homemade hub adapters or group buys. The following is a brief summary of my experience with one of the most painless modifications I’ve done to my Esprit:

After several months of researching my options I stumbled across a gem of a company – FVD Brombacher (yes, I’m the one that turned one of the homemade adapter providers onto this company). Porsche owners will probably recognize FVD, since they specialize mainly in performance mods for 911’s, 996’s, 997’s, etc. Conveniently, it seems Porsche owners are also fans of the Raid airbag wheels and, as such, FVD Brombacher has the largest selection I’ve found anywhere. The model that caught my eye has a flat bottom and a leather covered airbag that really finishes off the wheel nicely (see attached pics). I simply had to have this wheel, so a quick call to Rhonda at FVD and it was mine. Surprisingly, they actually had this model in stock at their Germany location. I was told FVD receives weekly shipments from their German office, so it would be in my hands in around 2 weeks. Wow, that was easy. But what about the hub adapter? Well, as it turns out Rhonda was able to source that for me as well. I thought these were not available? Not true it as it turns out. The FVD part number is 100170230, which is actually an Atiwe part number 170230. FVD obviously didn’t have that adaptor in stock though, so I had to wait an extra week for that bit. By the way, the adapter includes everything needed for the conversion, including connectors, screws, plugs, etc. It’s also painted a nice satin black color so it doesn’t stand out once installed. So how much did this cost me? $1,067 for the wheel and $320 for the adapter, for a total of $1400.

So bottom line is this: if you’re looking at doing a Raid/Atiwe airbag steering wheel conversion make it easy on yourself and call Rhonda at FVD Brombacher (see her info below). She will take very good care of you. Just to be clear, I have no association whatsoever with FVD Brombacher. I simply enjoy doing business with top-notch companies who understand the concept of customer service.

FVD Brombacher, Inc.

Rhonda Roxburgh

5061 N.W. 13th Ave. Suite A

Pompano Beach, FL 33064

Phone: 1-800-274-2220 #14

Local: 954-571-2050 #14

Fax: 954-571-2060

E-Mail: [email protected]

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First off, I'd like to thank Doug for coming up with the info on FVD Brombacher, they are a great company with great products that can't be found anywhere else.

On the adapters, I wasn't aware until speaking with Rhonda that they were even available through Raid and it's only been in the recent past that this has been the case. Evidently Raid was able to work a deal through another company in Germany to be able to provide them as they were the only other source for a long time and would not sell the adapters separately without a wheel purchase.

The difficulty in shipping airbags from Germany for most distributors is still a very real obstacle. FVD has developed a very unique solution to this problem and are able to do so because of their close relationship with Raid/Atiwe and the amount of business they do together along with some innovative thinking on the part of Mr. Brombacher.

I have been in contact with FVD for several weeks now since finding out about them from Doug and they are willing to provide some great pricing on the wheels if there is enough interest and the bulk shipping details can be arranged.

Otherwise, folks can buy direct from FVD if they so choose and receive a great product with great service.

Doug, even though you didn't name me specifically in your post, it's clear to anyone who's been around for any length of time that you were referring to me since I have been involved in sourcing the Raid wheels and adapters since 2003. I'd just like to say that I haven't intentionally misled anyone in the availability of the wheels or adapters or airbag connectors. I haven't been very active in pursuing this endeavour for the last couple of years because of the difficulties I encountered in being able to secure a reliable source for these items. As they do, things have changed in the last couple of years and now they have become available again. Good for you and the Lotus community that you were able to find FVD and pass on the info but I really don't appreciate the innuendo.

Jim Knowles

1995 S4s

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I'm an esprit owner in the US. Pretty much on my own, have also been wrestling with trying to sourse a raid wheel. Really never came up with any thing that was even close to painless. So thank's for the post and info. probably would be interested in bulk purchase and will be following topic.

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Glad you found the information useful Larry, as that was the intent of my post and the purpose of these boards. There was simply way too much ambiguous information out there surrounding this topic.

By the way, the hub adapters are also available from another German company called Octimex. They're quite a bit more expensive though at closer to $500. I've never dealt with them, but it's nice to know that there are mulitple sources if the need arises.

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I have to chime in on Jim's behalf and say he's a standup guy who's never mislead anyone over these wheels and adapters, and if it wasn't for his work I doubt this thread would even exist. Now let's see some pics of your wheel in the car!

Paddle Faster, I hear Banjos!
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Old thread, but a new question, which no one asked before.

Could anyone tell me if polarity matters when splicing Raid bag plug wires (one is blue and another is beige/brown), to 95 Lotus (GM) wiring (green w/red and green w/yellow stripe)?
Thank you very much


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