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Windscreen replacement

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Alas I have conspired to crack the windscreen on my '79 Elite Series 1. So I am now looking at what is involved in replacing it myself.

It looks like LotusBits do the cheapest screens (£250 new, £130 secondhand) - let's hope they can match the greenish tint. SJ's sell a bonding kit and other bits.

So I'm wondering if this is someone I can realistically do myself, or if I will just end up breaking £250 of glassware? How have others tackled this? Is it worth spending £60 on some snazzy suction pad grips for example?

One detailed question relates to the trim clips. My manual (Body, page 41, Fig 17) shows two types of trim clips - A and B. SJs sell the A type, but no mention of the B type. These seem to be used on the more curved sections of the bottom trim piece. An issue with the curvature? The sliver lining in the whole disaster is that I can replace these clips, which are all but useless now on my car, so I'd like to get the clips 100% right.

Any thoughts welcome.


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I know it's a different screen but when I had the Turbo Esprit done, a window company would do it (before I had a chance to tell him it was being done under insurance) for the price I could have purchased a screen for, and if I would have accepted one which had minor clouding (de-lamination at edge) it was approx £120 cheaper still.

Ask your local windscreen firms how much they will do it for, you may get a pleasant surprise.

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I've not replaced a screen in mine but have re-sealed round them, the adhesive they use is thicker than most stuff in tubes so a cheap gun from B&Q isn't probably up to the job, so you'd have to factor that cost in, ditto the £20+ for the adhesive, £5 glass primer £5 metal primer (is that what you use on the FG section or do you just use glass primer on both?).It soon adds up.

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There are several sites on ebay selling 'masterbond' in various guises and kits. One kit comes with glass and body primer and a tube and costs £15 including postage. The nozzle is preshaped to get the triangular shaped bead and its nive and thick so it wont just squelch out when pressed in.

I redid my rear quarterlight when I got my car but then had course to remove it again - really quite difficult i.e. a good seal. It goes off in about 1-2 hours

This was from wayside adhesives direct. Clicky

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I'm going to break with consensus and say give it to Lotus bits. They do them all the time and if they break the glass putting it in, it's not your problem. They also know better than most how to take the elite and eclat shiny trim off without damage and replace it so its straight and not going to fall off.

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I had a windscreen fitted to my Exel some 6 years ago, and local the 'Lotus specialist' I used (not anyone usually mentioned on this forum) obviously did not know what he was doing. He had 3 attempts to get it fitted, saying the bonding glue was not going off as expected.

Even worse, after 5 years the screen had slid down towards the bonnet, leaving gaps at the top, which let in water. (There should be spacers fitted along the bottom, and these were never fitted).

I asked LotusBits to fit a new screen last year. They have fitted many in the past, so know what they are doing. Also their prices are pretty good.


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Thanks for everyone's input. A few things I have gleened from elsewhere:

1. The"B" type windscreen trim clips are no longer available. Lotusbits scavenge these from broken cars as necessary. SJs can supply the "A" type clips.

2. Lotusbits won't deliver screens, you have to collect. No surprise really. They say that someone recently used UPS to collect and it arrived damaged.

3. SJs also confirm how difficult t fit these are. They said "get a guarantee".

4. All the tinted screens for S1s are the same colour, namely green. Lotusbits stock these.

Since I'll have to go up there anyway to get the glass, it seems to make sense to give them the whole problem to solve.

It'll be a few weeks before I can arrange, but I'll let you know how it goes.


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