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I was going to clean up and paint my spare diff, checked it with a hammer and holes appeared post-10342-0-28471900-1303659072_thumb.j rusted from inside out .Removed diff from the car today and hit it with a hammer its thin in places but not as bad, could it be repaired or should i replace it

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Given enough time and effort, pretty much anything can be fabricated and repaired, but is it worth the effort? How crusty is whats left of the mount?

Could turn into more hassle than its worth as good replacement diffs are only £100 from lotus bits for the s1.

I'm average at welding and a tight scottish git, and even I would probably buy a bolt in replacement. You can also chose if you want a 4.1 or a 3.7.

I supposed it depends on how far from oxfordshire you are?

NB your car has a double in the surrey area. I was passed by a white S1 with an S2 tail near coulsdon six months ago.


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Had a go at welding today for the first time ,I've repaired my original diff as it was much better than the spare.Here is the plate after some grinding and rust primer


I'll clean up and paint the rest now the repair has worked ,and get the seals done .any one done these their self ?might get lotus bits to do this

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