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A quick question to the many that have done this before....

I am trying to remove the appalling rusty dampers off my 99 V8 GT to replace them with the latest offering from the 2006 Lotus suspension program...

It is my intention to powder coat the rusty suspencion as part of this process... :thumbsup:

I have removed the top nuts and even with the use of spring compressors I can’t seem to unload the rear damper enough to remove the lower bush from the stud behind the upright. :wallbash:

Can’t believe you need to remove the stud to change a damper which should be a service item.

It seems the spring may be rusted into the mount on the chassis.

I have not resorted to big levers and hammers yet.... thought I would consult the oracle first.....

Any thoughts...???



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No hammers! Take off as much tension as your compressors will allow, then there'll be enough 'give' in the upper mount to enable you to lever damper off the lower stud. Most likely the bush has welded itself to the stud so might be giving you the impression of not being possible. Persuade it - gently. And like most things in life, use lube...

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I seem to recall that even on full droop, there is still tension between the upper mount and the lower pin, again from memory removing the top link relieves some of this tension. I put a jack directly under the shock to equal out the tension then I could tap/ pull, gently persuade it off the pin riding on the jack (trolley jack) I used the same technique to reassemble. + a few words. :realmad:

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don't hammer on the hub carrier, I can fracture.

Do remove the upper and lower link if you need to get the suspension to droop enough to get the damper off.

On my car, there is no rust, and I just did this job Saturday, so I can gently tap the stud through the hub carrier and the damper is free.



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