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Sunroof and door seals

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I've tried searching the website, and I can tell squeaks and rattles are part of Lotus, but I didn't see a lot of answers. So, pardon my asking.

My first question would be, is there a standard fix for the rattle or squeak of the composite sunroof?

Second, and maybe related question, is there a recommended maintenance for the rubber sunroof and door seals? I want to prevent the drying and cracking of the rubber, without causing deterioation. Has anybody tried leather care products, Armour All, etc.?

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Thanks guys - I'll check out those two items.

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Silcone spray is great general purpose stuff for a number of odd jobs including;

Sorting rubber squeaks

Lubeing and protecting rubber from drying out

in the window tracks to ease the pressure on the window lift motors

Cleaning and protecting the black plastic on the car

Cleaning the rubber hoses in the engine bay

Other great point is that it costs bugger all too. A few pounds for a big spray can.

[Top tip from Pete at PNM]

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Here's hoping not either...

- Used liquid silicone for years on all the stuff Carl's mentioned and on all the black trim, plastics and even the tyres... No problems so far.

All my cars are dipping with silicone. I should be payed to promote the stuff <_<

Regarding the sunroof - I don't think mine was opened for about 10 years before I bought my car. First time I tried to open it, it wouldn't budge... Had to pry the roof off (very, very carefully) and the rubber came out of its channel, stuck to the glass. Completely disintegrated. New standard rubber profile, a bit thicker than standard and is now rattle free.

I always drive with the roof open anyway B) - seems to have less creaks, moans and groan and you get that worrying smell of petrol in the cabin as an added bonus.

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I remember reading a cure for some squeaks and rattles on the composite sunroof.

It involved putting Betaseal or similar into the holes where the metal tongues locate. Then coat the tongues in a wax polish as a lubricant and insert into the betaseal. Remove soon afterwards so the betaseal hardens. This gives a better fit for the tongues and removes the noises.


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Does silicone harm rubber after a time? I know it loves to soak it up but seem to remember being told it degrades it eventually.


like disolves like

silcone lubricant would harm silcone rubber

but not natural rubber, butyl rubber etc

i dont think the automotive industry uses much

silicone rubber probably due to cost



just because I don't CARE doesn't mean I don't UNDERDSTAND

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