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Where do I get my Mini Cooper restored?

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I've just bought a 1962 Mini Cooper.

Its in a very poor condition and needs total restoration including major shell reconstruction. Its worth doing however as it has significant rally history, including the 1969 RAC Rally, and was bought direct from the chap who rallied it (having owned it since 1964).

If it were a Lotus I would know exactly where to go and, more importantly, where not to go. I don't have this knowledge in the world of Mini but would like to find a "one stop shop" where I can leave it for a year or so and then drive it home. Location is not important.

Any thoughts would be welcome.

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Coincidentally I know a retired gentleman who worked on the original BMC rally team, but I guess Coffs Harbour is a bit far to send it. Would have thought anyone knowing they're way around either Sprits or Midgets, would be a head start.

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If I wanted to know the answer to that questionfor a Lotus I would post on here.

Have you checked to see if there are any mini forums where you could do the same?

That said, you mention you would know where to take a Lotus to if you had bought one - can they not do a mini as well?

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I have spoken to Deans Minis and they could be the answer.

I don't know of any Lotus experts with a detailed knowledge of Minis as well, which I think you need if you want an authentic restoration. I probably wouldnt want to send a Lotus to an expert of another marque and be comfortable that it would come back correct in detail.

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very good company My link one stop shop

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Guy - bit of a tangent but my local garage is run by Richard Miles, formerly of Downton engineering, so more than a bit of Mini knowledge but not what you'd call a conventional Mini specialist. They have my Esprit at the moment for a water pump replacement.

Tipton Garage


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I've had various people do work to our Mini over the last few years, but not one guy who was interested in doing the whole job. Bodywork/paint guy was excellent, but confessed that he'd never have taken the job on if he'd known how bad the car was and wouldn't do it again... :unsure:

Our car isn't as special as yours anyway, it needs to be someone who understands the history.

I find The Mini Forum probably the most useful site for advice, though you'll have to wade through a lot of irrelevant crap too. Buy a copy of Mini World or Mini magazines.


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