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I'll show you mine, now you show me yours

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i enjoy my free evening in my own Lotus room ;-)



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:rofl:   that was great


The globe is the camp for my whiskey collection.

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Just thought I would throw in one of the wifes Eclat and my old Excel which now lives down near Gt Yarmouth just to be different.



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I like the addition of the crane which I presume means you can take the engine out anytime anywhere any place :)

I always thought I preferred the Excel shape over the Éclat but this shot has changed my mind. Loveley pair.

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Never get bored of looking at your collection Dragi - all stunning.

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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Dexter's just back from a week-long session having various nano coatings applied to his matt paintwork. I got him earlier this month and am reliably informed that he's the only true matt paint (not vinyl) Evora S in the world.


These were taken today on a little 250 mile jaunt from Fife in Scotland down to the Scotland/England border, across to Peebles and back again. Such a comfortable ride I hardly noticed I'd gone that far; and so much fun in Sport mode on the twisties :)



















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