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Elise Soft Top - Advice Please

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Hi Everyone

I'm hoping someone can help me

Just over 3 weeks ago I took delivery of a brand new elise - problem is I paid for a hard top and it came with a soft one

Problem is now resolved - I have the hard top & due to a couple of other issues they have let me keep the soft top

I doubt I will use the soft top - i have only driven the car on 2 occasions with the top on & in dry/sunny weather

I am considering listing it for sale - i don't know if they're compatible with other models - it comes with the carry bag & 2 tension bars

It's obviously as new and I was wondering what a realistic figure to sell it would be?

Any help greatly appreciated

Many Thanks

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My advice would be don't sell it. When you come to sell the car, it will be a great addition to price "Negotiation". IMO having a sports car and not taking the roof off misses the point, so if I were coming to buy it I'd be put off at not having a soft top.

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You'll get a better return on your outlay if you store the softop until it's time to sell the car. Then, offer the car with the softop and sell the hardtop separately. You'll seriously limit the appeal of your car to others if it doesn't have the softop, yet a hardtop will always be a winter time luxury purchase.

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Hi, I am also waiting on a new elise with hardtop. I am under the impression that when you order the hardtop the car also comes with the softtop, after all the car comes as standard with the soft top and you pay a lot of extra money for the "additional" hardtop

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Perhaps you should contact your supplying dealer non?

I suggest...

... you get your top off!


You will get a blue knob if you do that Louise ;)

Caught between a rock and a hard place in a catch 22 situation, So its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Your damned if you do, but your damned if you don't so shut your cock!!!!!!!!!!!

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You'd be absolutly mad to sell it!

A hardtop is a nice 'extra' when you come to sell, a soft top is an essential!

Personally I'd sell the hard top though!!! The only time my soft top goes on the car is when I wash it.... roofless all the way!

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Where in the world are you? It would sell as a spare, but as stated, I would expect buyers to want it, unless you are in one of those hot parts of the world (but still an evening top down cruise could be good)

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The soft top can always be kept in the boot/trunk, so if you go on a drive and get caught out it can be fitted. If you go for a drive with the hard top on, it is on for the duration of that drive even if the weather turns and the sun shines.

I am looking for one with both, the hard top would stay on for the winter and cold/rainy days, then when the summer arrives, the soft top would be fitted/stored in the rear for the longer trips.

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Are you in deepest Siberia?

You have to get the top off and experience the Elise as God intended.

I am surprised that your Elise did not come with the soft top as the hard top is an optional extra.

I must admit, I prefer the lines of the car with the hard top on but there is nothing like driving on a summers day with the roof off with the comfort of knowing that if it rains the soft top is in the boot!



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