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350 CO2 emissions

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Anyone else noticed that the co2 emissions are less on the 350 than they are on the standard V8!!!

Anyone know why?

350 - co2 328 g/km

V8 - co2 366 g/km

Also as side note my

02 cost £260 for 12 months tax &

350 cost £215 for 12 months tax

That bugs me!! :realmad:

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Don't know about the co2 figures but on the car tax front

Up to 2001 DVLA did not record co2 data,so up to this year you pay only two bands

Cars up to 1500cc

Cars over 1500cc

After 2001 the co2 data is printed in the v5,generally the bigger the engine the higher band you will pay

There was another cut off year 2006,you could buy say a Ferrari 430 on a 2004 plate for this model year you would be in band K the same car on a 2007 plate would put you in band M

It's a similar scenario with number plates,only cars registered after 2001 have to display the name and post code of the maker on the plate

Cars before this date are allowed to only display the registration mark

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The software is very slightly different... But the way the car is tested...will effect the Results.

You should always have the Engine/Cats Hot...that is like 5-7 miles driving, have the test carried out First before the rest of the MOT.

My own car has the ECM's two chips replaced with emprom sockets and new chips....from my good pal....Johan "Extreme V8 " USA.

The one thing they do is remove the software reducing BHP in the 4 gears..normal cars only make the 0.75 bar in 5th Gear.

Hence you can have all 350bhp in all gears, But you may well Break ya standard Gearbox.. Rob

[email protected] or 07976 609881

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Rob, you refer on US-type "s350" ..right ?

-as so the normal V8 (GT) cars badged as s350 and fitted with additional s350 goodies ..with the Europe s350 ones there is non of this boost limit, as far as I know.

The discussion is about the unfair government politics in EU/UK on certified emission classes and fuel consumption taxes for the V8 series models.

The way you preper your private car for the regular MOT/TÜV test does not effect the general listing of the type of our cars. It is only possible to get in the higher grade by changing the whole system, and have a certificated laboratory test for rehomologation of the whole V8 series, or at least for re-classification of your one car ... and that's a lot of private money to pay for. So still not woth it


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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