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Hesitant/Almost Stalling in 1st Gear..

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Morning all.

I wondered if any Evora owners had came across this one, which is only an occasional problem, but the more it happens, the less confidence I have in the car.

What's happening is, when in first gear, and moving off from a standstill, the car sometimes very nearly stalls, before I put the clutch down and try again. Its actually like pulling away, but stamping on the breaks before fully releasing the clutch?

It's happened a few times now, but under no similar circumstances.. The rest of the gears feel fine, as does the clutch itself.

Could it be a fueling problem?

Thanks in advance

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Perhaps an ECU reset will help? (Eg disconnect the battery for 10 mins kinda idea?)

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The car is just under a year old, and just over 5000 miles if that makes any difference :)

Thanks Bibs. I'll maybe try that.

I tend to fill up with both Super and Normal unleaded, usually a full tank of each, turn about...

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This is a problem a number of us have had and it has to do with the engine mapping.

A software upgrade to Version G sorts the problem and makes the car more responsive.

Speak to Craig at MMC and he will explain, he will also be able to tell you if Bibs suggestion will give you some temporary respite.

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Hi Justin,

Was going to say exactly what Brian said. It used to scare the sh1t outa me pulling out of junctions when crossing traffic as you lurch forward a car length then semi stall. I thought it was me until Brian said he had the same problem. As soon as I got the new software in 7 weeks ago the car felt different even before I reached MMC`s car park gate. Hopefully that is all it will be. There is another thread not that old about it if interested but misleading title from memory about dash upgrade or something.

If you are talking about the Motorshow at Knockhill I do not think so, but only because I was looking at an advert for it online on the Knockhill website and it had all the manufacturers logos on it and I noticed Lotus absent. I haven`t discussed it with anybody so could be wrong.

Are you home on the 5th for the Grampian Speedfest? I guess not or we would know about it!


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Al, yeah Im offshore on the 5th unfortunately. I'd have loved to have been there, so need to make the effort for the SMS on Saturday..

I spoke to Craig and he confirmed what both you and Brian said, he also said there is a new version being launched today, version H.. I was hoping to get it do e tomorrow but MMC are fully booked :(

I'll get it done asap.

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Update - What a difference! It feels like a different car now. I believe Derek also has this new map on his?

Craig also removed the flame trap from the airbox which had made it sound a bit louder, maybe it's not actually done anything and is in my head!

Very happy, Craig is a star!

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Version H has made a massive improvement to the car, and remember I was already running with Version G. Pick-up is much quicker and the car feels more alive.

Craig was busy when I collected the car last week, and I wasn't aware it had received the update until I passed on my thanks for a quick and efficient job (again :) ), and jokingly asked what magic dust had been sprinked on the engine. Craig confirmed the Version H reflash. Sorry mate; I fear you'll have a the ususal suspects beating a path to your door again

The difference, at least on my car, was amazing, and it's also improved sports mode too.

Another very happy MMC customer.

You appear with the tedious inevitability of an unwelcome season. 

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Yeah he said, I think the flash upgrade has made the difference, not sure what the flame trap has done. He said it had made a big difference to the 1.6 Elise and asked if he could try it on mine, I'll update this if I notice anything :)

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