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Not wants to start......electrical problems?

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If you know which is the live feed as suggested by jon why not test and see if you have 12v on the immobilizer plug. If you have then there's no need to spend and more time finding the mythical fuse.

If it's dead either keep searching for said fuse or run yourself a temporary live feed from the battery.

Have you tried contacting cobra? I spoke with them before via email and they were very willing to help me out with my problem on Lisas shogun.

Chunky Lover

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The problem was the ALARM FUSE, but finding this fuse is very very hard!!

Is necessary put-off the driver seat and then find a little plastic box where there are the fuses. Now the heart of the car is working :)

The fuses are standard and not cylindrical, and however they are located exactly where Jonathan said, helping with the light buzzer as Jonathan said is better finding. Exactly location is near the outside near door there the openingbracket for the frontroom is.

I connected also the SIREN, now with the SIREN plugged the Alarm FUSE burn, I tried 2-3 time to see if it was and all fuses with the SIREN plugged burned.........What you think about ??

The SIREN on my car was always disconnected by the old owner, however I don't need it, but maybe its same electrical fault! Maybe is all related to my electrical fault problems so performance trouble.

Thanks a lot


ps. near these fuses there a couple of connector unplugged.....why?? its a lotus, I know, but there are a lot of plug not connected on my car!

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HAHA ! Great news Alessandro !

Stick with me lad, you wont go far wrong :lol:

Just happy you got that car going again - what you need to do is find out WHY the fuse blew in the 1st place, are you saying when the siren is pluged in that's what causes it ?

Likely culprits are :

1 - the Siren could be broken internally,

2 - more than likely the wiring has got torn or damaged

There are moving parts behind the dash to control vents, steering column etc - I've seen it a lot on the GT2 where the wiring has been caught in the diverter flap workings

So you need to inspect them - if worst comes to the worst take the siren off, pull the wires out and go from there.

With the extra plugs and so what inside the car, dont worry - car munufacturers generally make 1 wiring loom for the range and some equipment might be un-specified in your build. My car, for example, does not have air conditioning - however it has all the electrical wiring and equipment to control it - it's just cheaper for a manufacturer to produce 1 wiring loom and fit it to all cars.

Dont remove them - again for example, if I remove the air-conditioning relay the ECU will go nuts about it not being there - if you find stuff like that simply make it safe.

The other reason can be to do with wiring updates, yours is a later car if I remember correctly - again the loom will be similar but additions are sometimes made.

Do check the wiring on that siren though, the fuse is popping for a reason and you dont wanna have smokey wiring, trust me.

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I don't know the reason why the alarm fuse blew in the 1st time.....I think that battery and ECU swapping was the reason, I did only this.

When I found the fuses I connected also the SIREN plug and looked this situation......but I remember that many times ago I connected the siren plug and it go on, then immediately unplugged but the fuse not blew.

Now I agree with your about the siren broken and/or wiring problems....but I don't need the SIREN, the car was always without siren, the old owner disconnected it because he said that sometimes went ON without reason.

If I leave the SIREN OFF.....should be ok ?

Regarding the other plugs disconnected, your idea is ok, however is little strange have a lot of them see them when you check for some problems and you think immediately that the problem could be related with it......

Many thanks


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