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Guest MJG968

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Guest MJG968

Ok, I am here from the dark side - actually the world of Ferdinand Porsche. :)

About 18 months ago I was deliberating over my next car, and gven the influence of a Porsche owning pal of mine I opted for a 968.


The 968 is in fact a fabulous car, and serves extremely well as an occasional track car. However, my heart is set on an Esprit and I am strongly considering to make the change.

I have experienced one at SilverStone (S4) which has got me hooked, so if you don't mind I will trawl through this forum looking for advice and opinions.

Talk soon


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Welcome to the forum and congratulations on seeing that the grass is greener on the other side :)

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Hi Mike,

and welcome.

Cruise the backwaters for a while and see what's happening.

I have one of those S4 thingy's and I like it. :)

Simon  (94 S4)      My Esprit will be for sale in late 2017

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welcome to our forum, its ok to have a porshe , if fact some guy in the telfor area want to swap an esprit for one on ebay


The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.

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Hi and welcome

if your first choice is the Stewens shape

2.2 engine turbo seems to be the best for an ESPRIT.and with electronic modification it got power stronger from low motor turn to 6600 as a v8

s4 and specialy the last have assisted power wheel and the possibility to change the front wheel position important for keep the way at straight higth speed + 240kmh.

:) but the dream will be an ESSEX with the last S4 technical

"Aut tace aut loquere meliora silentio" Salvator Rosa when 25 years old National Gallery London

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Don't test drive a V8. That way you will never realise how good they are, and then you won't sell your soul to get one, your'll keep your friends, you'll be able to afford CD's, and you will never shiver and spasm everytime you see the price of optimax.


Good luck. Whichever you get, you will always walk away glancing back thinking "can't believe that's my car"

Phil B

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>>and you will never shiver and spasm everytime you see the price of optimax.

But isn't it so cool just walking back to it after paying :-)

Also beware, for the first few weeks you'll have to open the garage door to look at it every day, even if the weather is crap and you aren't planning on driving it. It's not intentional and not listed as a ritual in the manual, but somehow it feels compulsary!

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Hi Mike and welcome.

Like you I assumed the Lotus position, an S4, from a Porsche, the 944 Turbo. Very similar to your 968 except it doesn't have the 968's low grunt. I always thought the Porsche was a pretty sharp instrument, probably the best handling front engined car out there, more practical than the Lotus, better build quality but more plastic, no longer conspicious and therefore less worry as to where I drive, park etc.

Also, in my case because of chip-boost upgrades, it feels on par with the acceleration of the Lotus at middling to high speeds. the line and on twisty roads the Lotus is in another class even without an LSD that the 944 and I suppose your 968 has. The tacility of the steering, compliance yet roadholding of the suspension, obedient response to inputs, is on a higher level. I describe it as a refugee from the race track that's put on a suit.

As for practicality, definately the Porsche but the Lotus can still be more than useful for trips away etc. than a lot of other cars eg Honda S2000. Just don't decide you want to buy something and bring it home NOW.

Also, if you are inclined, the Lotus is easier to work on, surprisingly, and I found it quite economical for parts once I learnt about non-genuine sources and the excellent support sites such as this offer. I recently had to repair a rusty tank, a common problem. Big job, engine out, tank out, weld, paint, refit. My expenditure was less than AUD $20 for a petrol pump seal and better draining plastic door mats instead of the foam the tanks are normally sitting on.

As for looks, style, exotica, well I don't need to comment, that's for you to decide.

Finally, if you want a new and different experience to the 968, we all would like to see you in the Lotus. If the 968 feels like a head chef's carving knife to you the Lotus will feel like a surgeon's scalpel.

Good luck.



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Guest Troy Halliday

Welcome aboard Mike.

Before you buy speek to a few guys on the forum and they will let you know what to look out for. Like all cars there is good ones and bad ones out there and as a friend of mine always says 'cheap is not always cheap'.

Dan can you expand a bit on the matting for the fuel tanks PM me instead of going of topic. :)

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Guest MJG968

Cheers Chaps, a friendly and informative start.

Funny, that you have all said what I was thinking so that in itself is rather reasuring. I will 'lurk' around the forum for a bit and see whats going on.

The comment about the servicing costs etc was also encouraging, I don't mind spending if it is necessary to keep maintained, but extravagent costs we can all do without. Having said that I have just spent 3K on the 968, having done 140K in its life the Cam shafts needed replacement. But worth it - just don't tell the missus ho much I just spent, will only cost me dearly.

Talk soon

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