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Engine leveller - load leveler photos in use?

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Oh bugger...

I've just posted again on the same topic rather than bumping this to the top again!

I dont have straps, only the chains, so could do with some pics of the chain locations.....



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Hi Folks,

It appears I'll be doing the same extraction soon. Will probably have to use chains to remove my lump. Don't know enough about using straps to try that method. It appears mine will come out with both the exhaust and intake manifolds and trans-axle in place as well. Need to replace a broken lower exhaust maniford stud. Also need to replace the oil seals in the trans-axle cross gate. Gear oil leaks out regularly from those points. It has been suggested I take the engine out through the bottom rather than out the top. Any comments?

Incidentally, need to replace the timing belt. There is also a possibility the head may have to come off. I'll know more later next week. Right now, the engine will not turn over manually. Thought I'd add that before you think I'm crazy.


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Hi lyn


pretty sure it has to come out from above.although the trans axle can go through the bottom.

I though my exhaust manifold was holed, but it looks like 2 studs are missing which will be good news!

I just need to know the best pick up points to use for the chains.

Good luck


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