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When I got my Esprit I figured I would be a total anorak and list the cost of every thing I brought and spent on it including petrol (yeah I know that's a real anorak) :thumbsup:

Ive done a mere 2600 miles since ownership

Petrol for the year Total £501.00

Pretty bits and just gotta be done bits,are mats,stainless sills,K&N airfilter,Quicksilver exhaust,leather re done,carbon fibre,heater knobsTotal £1005.79

Must be done cos its broken bits,gearbox,brether pipe,bulb,oil,filter £1,653.60

Total spend £3,160.39

This total does not include insurance,road tax and MOT

Am i bothered nah its a great car,love it :thumbsup::shuriken:

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Ive done a mere 2600 miles since ownership

Blimey. I've more than that since the MOT in April. Apart from petrol mines had, er, some oil and that's it.

Tell a lie. I've fiddled with the stereo install as well.

Drive it more!

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I know I thought I had done loads more miles than that,and to be honest it felt like i had.

Ive done most of the NMEG runs,ive been to shows with club Lotus so i dunno,could it be the previous owner has fixed mile o meter, and it only registers 1 mile in 2,so where as i thought I got a 40000 mile car its actually 80000 mile car :hrhr:

And that reminds me I brought a radio for it,that now makes think i might well have forgot other things making the original post not be quite as accurate as i thought :whistle::shuriken:

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