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Black exterior trim

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I managed to reverse my car down the side of a concrete pillar in the garage tonight! BUGGER

Luckily the 1mph tragedy only damaged the black plastic trim covering the center of the bodywork where the two halves are joined.

It has chewed the trim up quite nicely, but thankfully not damaged the bodywork or paint at all. Now for the questions......

How easy is it to get the replacement trim? It is the passenger rear quarter that I need (passenger door to the rear bumper)

I'm expecting the worst...' obsolete...out of stock....ooooh, not THAT bit!' If so, what's my best course of action for repair?

I'd like to upload some pics but seem to have the same forum technical know-how as I do reversing skills!

Thanks in advance.

PS anyone have any passenger rear quarter trim going spare LOL :)

PPS Think I may have actually got a pic to attach! HURRAH!


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SJs sell this stuff. Check your parts manual though for the code though. There are at least 2 types - gloss and satin I think.

But wait a minute...what lights are those? Is it a US car?

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As Simon mentioned SJ sell the stuff by the metre. I am not sure how close it is to the original so you may find its slightly different (and may have to do the whole car). I am not aware of two different finishes for it though.

I have a spare piece, won't do your job but you are welcome to it as a sample to check against your car. PM me if you would like it.

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Unless it's different on Turbos the trim is one piece that needs to go all the way around from door to door.

I did exactly the same thing a while ago! There was much swearing as I'd only just replaced a smashed front spoiler. D'oh!


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It comes in one length...and you have to cut it up to fit. Six pieces in total...front wing, door and rear wing on each side. Don't understand the idea of it going all the way round from door to door...certainly couldn't on my Turbo. It glues in place onto the join between the upper and lower bodyshells....and the bit across the door glues to a square sectioned length of wood that is secured to the door by self tappers. Make sure you mask the body before you try fitting it...don't need dribbles of Sikkaflex over the coachwork!!. The stuff comes in a coil, so it's best softened first....immersing it in really hot water makes it sufficiently pliable to conform to the curves around the wheels and the straight bits too. Secure it in place with masking tape whilst the Sikkaflex sets...cut loads of short lengths of tape before you start and have them stuck to the body temporarily ... then you won't need to grow more arms!!

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Thanks for the replies. I'm so pleased that it is available at all.

Nelly, I'm in the US, which side of the pond are you on? Thanks for the offer though.

I'll have a ring round today to see if I can get it over here. The hot water tip is a good one, cheers.


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I am in the UK, so I can see why you asked!

I found a heat gun worked well. You need to contstantly heat it up after it cools so I think the water would be really awkward. It doesn't take that much heat to soften it up. SJ have fitting instructions on their website which I found really helpful. Even so it didn;t go 100% and I am contemplating doing it again.

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