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Some of you know about the hassles I've had with the paint finish on my car, this was due to blisters and very poor workmanship at Lipscomb's in Maidstone, Kent. The dealership tried to rectify these problems, but failed many times. (to view this thread you need to be a member of 'seloc'.)

When the blisters came back in April, I contacted Lipscombs to get this sorted, although I was apprehensive if then could deliver the goods, I had a discussion with Bibs, who runs “The Lotus Forum”, who recommended Stratton Motor Company (a Lotus dealership), I spoke to them and they said they would be happy to do the work.

I had a meeting with James Haskey, Territory Sales Manager of Lotus Cars for the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Who agreed that the car needed to be sorted. He then contacted Neil Turner, customer services manager at Lotus cars, Norwich, and between Neil and Strattons they sorted out the finer detail.

Overseeing the Lotus operation at Stratton Motor Company is Guy Munday. When I went up to Long Stratton I met Guy and Ian, Ian is the Lotus workshop manager at Strattons. I must thank Guy Munday (top bloke) who gave up his time to give me a tour around the garage and facilities, which reassured me that the car was in safe hands, it’s a professional garage with their own in-house paint shop. I also must thank Ian for his patience, as I did phone him quite a bit at the start, to remind him of things I forgotten to tell him, and to ask him questions.

When the car was at Strattons, I asked for a quote to get the front clam re-sprayed due to stone chips. I was delighted when Neil Turner phoned me to tell me, due to many reasons that I won’t go into, that Lotus cars would pay for the front to be re-sprayed.

Less than 2 weeks later I went to pick up the car, wow, it was like brand new, I went round the car with a fine tooth comb, and inspected every inch, since this drama I have became a bit of a paint expert. All I can say is the paint finish is the best I have ever seen and no over spray any where.

Since it has been re-painted, I have had Ventureshield put on, to keep the paint finish in tip-top condition.

So for anyone wanting to get their car repaired and/or re-painted I can full recommend Stratton Motor Company.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Yup I've had a very good experience with Strattons too, only £3 worth of parts, but that wasn't a problem and was treated like I was about to pick up one of the Aston's! :thumbsup:

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I would like to think that we didn't do anything over and above the normal service that we strive for but I wanted to help Pete after hearing of his woeful experiences elsewhere.

I'm delighted that Pete is happy with the outcome and can hopefully now start to enjoy his car.

Thanks for the kind words, Pete.

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Get my parts from Strattons. Always great service.

Caught between a rock and a hard place in a catch 22 situation, So its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Your damned if you do, but your damned if you don't so shut your cock!!!!!!!!!!!

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It makes such a differance to ownership when you have a service manager that is interested in you and your car.

My local dealer Murray Motor Company, the only one in Scotland I may add, are excellent and big changes took place a couple of years ago when Craig was appointed. I had actually moved to a specialist performance garage to have my Esprit serviced because I felt the previous incumbent was only interested in fleecing me! Now have my cars serviced at MMC and it is all down to Craig's attitude.

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You said it Brian!

I live minutes from Lotus USA HQ, and even with the head-shed here our local dealer is utterly useless for non-current models. Before I bought my Lotus I was advised not to bother with the dealer, because they don't care or even stock any parts for Esprits. In fact US Head-Honcho Arnie J suggests having these older cars worked on by an an independent specialist who doesn't even have a proper garage!

None of this bothers me really though, as mechanically I'm fairly well-inclined and had a similar situation when my hobby was old obsolete BMW motorbikes.

"If you can't fix it with a hammer, it's electrical." -somebody's dad

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I've spent quite a bit of time with Guy and Strattons and must say that I would recommend them to anyone.

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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Could I encourage Startton to open a south west branch at somewhere like.....Exeter?

I think the nearest main dealer to us now is Bristol about 100 miles away!


Sussex would be good too.... I hear the old Dream Machines place in Heathfield is still empty. :tumbleweed:

Currently having an illicit affair with another marque, be back in the fold one day... B-)

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Yeah Guy is a top bloke and has sorted my four new Lotus cars of the years , a true Lotus nut and not just a finance pusher , Btw Guy , when we going to see the V6 Exige ?

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