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Wooden S3 gearknob available?

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My S3 has a rather nasty aftermarket gearknob and I wanted to replace it with an original Lotus one.

I just can't seem to find one anywhere. I was given a Lotus one the other week, but the screw thread is too small for my gear stick (7mm rather than the 8mm required)

Does anyone know of a supplier or know someone who has one to sell.

Much appreciated.


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As Graham has said it is available from SJ, but be aware it will have a Lotus logo on the top and not the metal gears layout as the car originally had. These are obsolete, I did manage to get one from Lotusbits though, and although its a bit worn I may well use it instead of the gearknob I got from SJ.

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Got one for my esprit with the wrong thread in it (again too small)

Just tap it out. When I put the tap on mine it pulled the ali centre out the wood - made it much easier, then tapped the bit of ali (really easy - no way to damage varnish) put it on the gear stick and glued it to the wood in the correct position for the gearchange pattern

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Nothing like resurrecting an old thread...

My Esprit 87 N/A S3 has below photo gear knob on it, which I presume is wrong especially as 5th gear shown as O/D (Overdrive?) on it?

Can someone let me know what original one would look like if this is indeed wrong and where to get if possible?





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Yes, I can confirm above. My transmission specialist overhauling my S1 gearbox says the 5th gear is in fact an over drive. Extending the gears. He gets lots of folk coming in with worn gearboxes due to extended use of higher gears. Interesting, as I was taught to use the highest gear possible for the conditions. I think 5 and 6 speed gears give the impression these are just an extension of the selectable range. Whereas OD alludes to high speed cruising.

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Sidebar question for the members - what does it take to remove the knob? Mine seems locked to the stick, all reasonable measures of torque so far have failed to budge the thing.

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On 07/07/2021 at 01:58, Pandashelby said:


Do you still have the knob in the photo and if so would you like to sell it?

Sorry, I sold the gear knob to SW Lotus Centre who were restoring Adam Hemm's Federal LHD Esprit S1.

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Same knob as in my s2


One of my many projects is to make a replica gear knob, with a flip up insert to reveal a missile launch button.

got as far as resin casting the insert.


too many projects……

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