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Esprit Sport 300 In Octane

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Nice... Thats if you can find one.....

There is one for sale currently though... if a tad pricey!

Pricey, maybe but to be honest the guide price of Octane and many other classic mags are usually way off real prices offered. I took a quick look at Jensen CV8 prices on the web which places them in the £20,000+ mark double what the guide says

for example:

as for Esprit Sport 300's recently sold:

UK car now sold.


which in the thread, mentioned is now sold. so price reduced and sold for $80,000.00 AUD = £51,795.78 GBP

I guess with anything really rare it's based on supply and demand, I did read in either Classic and Sports Car or Classic Cars that the next big mover in prices will be 80's and 90's mid engined supercars and had a picture of a GT3 Esprit which is a good news for all us owners

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If you want to sell your car? Makes no difference to me!

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Is yours the black 300 for sale on Pistonheads?


As Hong Kong Phoey would say, could be?

Potentially looking at selling due to personal reasons (it's a bit of as long story) , but it is an amazing car so very hard to let go.

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Nice, wish I had enough money but a little rich for me.


Well you have a pretty much awesome collection already my friend. I had a 911 GT3 (Mk1) new in 99 and an awesome car it was but got the 340R in 2000 and a Audi S4 2001 and then the Sport 300 also in 2001 so felt the Porsche was a little too easy to live wit so sold it (for a £30K loss), great car though, will be a real classic and possibly the next 911 2.7RS

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Don't say things like that when I am just about to sell it. Makes me miss it before it's gone.


I'll get around to it at some point.

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