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Selling Reg Plate

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Some of you may know I am attempting a restoration of an S3, when i purchased the car it came witha personalised plate; ROG 413R. I wouldlike to sell this for two reasons, firstly I am not keen on personalised plates, and secondly my name is not Roger, and my Esprit isn't a turbo.

Anyway has anybody gone through the process of selling one of these? I would also like to know whether there is a requirement to have the car MOT'ed and taxed prior to selling? I am under the impression this is so that the original plate can be re-issued?

Thanks in advance for any advice, experience. Obviously all proceeds will go towards the project with no guilt attached.

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Your car will receive it's original number, unless DVLA have re-allocated it (very rare but it does happen). If this is the case then they will issue you with a different age related number.

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Some years back I sold AMB 1 S....a friend had acquired it as his company was called AMBIS and it was going on the company Porsche. Until his partner absconded with all the funds.....! This plate lived on a Honda step through moped, abandoned in my garden for many years, until I found an oik trying to nick it. Having dissuaded him from that, I thought I'd see what it was worth. What a can of worms the Cherished Number industry turned out to be!! Villains, all...some of the responses were amazing..."I'll take the plate and the moped off yer hands for fifty quid, mate" for example. In the end, I found Midland Registrations....gave them the details and they phoned back with an estimate of £1500. This I agreed to, and inside 3 days with a bit of negotiation we had done the deal at £1250.....then I had to dash about and organise an MOT, Insurance and Tax on an abandoned moped with terminal a few days!! Whatever, the firm were spot on and a cheque arrived speedily and I was a happy bunny. MIdland Registrations went on to prosper and become British Car Registrations....

and I can recommend them as being an island of probity in a swamp of crookery!!

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I knew a chap who bought a Porker 928 on the basis the seller included the reg in the asking price...which they did.

The reg was....... 3K It was a while back but I think he probably paid about that for the car and sold the plate for considerably more!

Currently having an illicit affair with another marque, be back in the fold one day... B-)

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I got the DVLA to auction the plate MAS 50N for me.

I was prepared to pay up to £2500 for it.... I was a phone bidder and i didn’t even place a bid because two registration plate sellers were chasing it.... it eventually sold for something like £4500 as i recall.

A month later it was up for sale on the sellers site for £25000!

On the other hand i also got the DVLA to auction GFM 100G (because of the 100G connection obviously) and i got that plate for the maiden bid ... think it was about £350.

I also got S1 FDM for my son Fraser.... again there is a connection to the S1 although its to "young" to go on 100G... think that cost about £350 which i thought was pretty good for that type of reg.

So what’s a plate worth.... just as much as you are prepared to pay and how relevant it is to you i guess…..and how many people you have chasing it.

Just as an aside..... there is a woman who has just recently started working at our company....saw her getting out of a black TT Quatro with the number 84RR on it

She is in at work today with a Bentley coupe (not sure which one but it looks like a brand spanker) with the registration 8ARR

I am guessing that her name is BARR. How the other half live!

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Very interesting discussion!

You guys sure have a weird/convoluted system for personal plates.

By contrast, over here there are subtle variations by state but basically, as long as a requested plate conforms to the permitted format and is available, you pay the state whatever fee they charge to make it (above the standard registration fee) and they make it for you. Here in Georgia it's an extra $40, and seven characters (including any spaces; and must be letters and numbers) are permitted. Some states have an online page to check and see if what you want is already taken, but others (like Georgia) just have first, second, etc. choices on the form to send in.

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