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OK, having been wrestling with my front suspension for the best part of a week, I need some help.


See diagram, which hole does the bottom damper bolt go throught? Originall on my car it went through the top hole, looking on the internet, Matt Watts has it through the bottom hole, the drawing is ambiguous, who's right?



Is there a specific order in which to fit the suspension? Does the damper do in last? It looks to me that I need to do both sides together to even have a chance of getting the ARB into position?

Plus, do I need to be less wimpish about the springs and give them a goo compress, for calcs I need to go 50% is this safe?


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Not sure of this but in my experience as a "race car mechanic", any time I changed front ARB settings, the easy way was to roll the front or rear of the car up on a ramp. With the suspension still loaded, the ARB is not in "twist". It should go in without any problem other than getting it into the bushing at each end. Once into the bushings, it should also be easy to mount it to the chassis. With the suspension unloaded, you might need Superman to bend the bar into place. I've not done this in my Esprit. The race cars had links that dropped down (or up) from the ARB. Just had to release the nuts and bolts (or turn-buckle) holding the link in place and then move it up or down to its next setting. Have to admit, its been a lot of years since I did this work. Hope I remembered it correctly.


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I think the springs do have to be compressed a whole lot...51% doesn't sound out of the way. When I changed my front springs, I couldn't compress them enough to fit with one go of the compressors, and had to use two sets....fitting the second after the first ones were tight! This is almost folk memory now, as it was twenty odd years ago....however, I shall be doing this all again when I rebuild the front end in a few months!

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hello mark,

on my S2 the damper is mounted on the lower holes. a few weeks ago I built in my front suspension and the springs really need a good compression.

an easy method is to built in the lower and upper arm. then put the spring between the lower arm and the upper side on chassis. take a strong thread rod and fix it with a washer and bolt on the upper hole on the chassis (instead of the damper). take a large and thick washer and attach it beneath the lower arm. the rod now goes through the spring. now turn one of the bolts thight and you easy can compress the springs. when compressed, mount the axle arm which holts together upper and lower arm. then unscrew the bolts of the thread rod and the spring is in position. after that mount the damper from underneath the lower arm.

!!! be carefull with the tread rod, you need the maximum diameter that fits through the hole on the chassis where the damper is mounted. take a good steel quality !!! and do not work or look over (in line of) the tensioned thread rod, in case it brakes.


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