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Giugiaro Esprit Special Editions

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Doing a little research project. Any confirmations, corrections, and/or additions appreciated.



147 units + Andretti’s and Peterson’s


Essex Turbo Esprit


34 production units + 11 development/type-approval units


Investor’s Special Edition Turbo Esprit


50 units


Turbo Esprit HC Limited Edition (21 Years in Norfolk)


40 units planned, total unknown


1983 "Investor's Special Edition" Turbo Esprit (#43/50) | 2012 Evora S

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Does that cover the two tone ltd editions?

If you mean the '87 HCs, they all looked like this...

...but if you mean the '83 USA Investor's Editions, they had a default color scheme like this...

...but each of the fifty was pretty much different as per the investors' specs.

1983 "Investor's Special Edition" Turbo Esprit (#43/50) | 2012 Evora S

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Cheers for that Mark, always wondered why (when just about every Esprit is worth less than it cost new) it was refered to as the investor edition! Nice gift for the investors.


Have you photo's of the red one? have only seen one and it was identical to the silver grey, i think it was a daft price on UKSC's site about 6 years ago or so.

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I think there might be some confusion. I'm only talking about special/commemorative/limited edition G-Esprits. I think the HCs came in several colors, but they only made it in that color scheme for the "21 Years in Norfolk" Limited Edition. Anyway, just trying to suss out whether or not there were any special/commemorative/limited edition G-Esprits other than the four listed and if those stats are correct. Thanks.

1983 "Investor's Special Edition" Turbo Esprit (#43/50) | 2012 Evora S

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Not 100% sure what you wanted then mate.


These UK two tone HC's were factory made and individually numbered ltd edition G-cars. Did you mean you just wanted federal ltd edition cars?

Am sure someone on here has one of these UK ltd two tone one's in silver, i thought they would chirp in TBH.


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Ah, sorry Paul. My bad then since it's not clear what I'm asking for, so full back story seems in order.

In short, I own one of the fifty '83 "Investor's Limited Edition" Turbos (#43) and it always struck me odd that in all the Esprit books I own (pretty sure that would be all of them), including Walton's weighty tome, none of them even mention these fifty cars whereas the JPS and Essex editions have of course been written about extensively and even the '87 HCs have been discussed in numerous places--and given a full-page photo in Walton's book. So whereas each of these other three special/commemorative/limited edition G-Esprits were all the same, almost all of the fifty '83 Turbos were different (some of them hideously so--Lemon Yellow with Gold Leather anyone?), which I would have thought would make them sufficiently interesting to be worth some ink.

So I started hunting online a few months ago for info, and as Mark B pointed out, his page, with comments by Brian Angus, is the most extensive write-up out there. Then I contacted Andy Graham for my car's Certificate of Provenance and we exchanged a bunch of emails about the fifty cars collectively (see a bit from that at, but even his records have some omissions and conflicts. So I figured I'd go straight to the source and hunted down the gent who conceived of the whole Lotus Performance Cars (LPC) import/distribution scheme to get Lotus back in to the USA and was LPC's Chairman. Turns out he's a partner at a law firm in the same building here in New York City where I worked part-time as a gopher while in high-school. Super nice guy and I'm meeting with him for a few hours on Wednesday to interview him for TLF about these fifty cars. But what I'm trying to nail down as an intro to the interview is where these fifty cars stand in the G-Esprit history and their significance. Are they one of four G-Esprit special/commemorative/limited editions or are there others even more obscure that I don't know about?

Thanks, and sorry for the confusion.

P.S. See these two, but I can't seem to get a response from the owner of the red one, chau, here or on other Lotus sites:

I spoke to the original owner of #07, which Lotus detailed as "007" without telling him in advance, and which he was selling a few months ago, but I don't see the listing anymore so I guess it's moved on.

Edited by Moxie

1983 "Investor's Special Edition" Turbo Esprit (#43/50) | 2012 Evora S

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Brilliant stuff John - I've got photos of that car at that show which I've been promising to dig out for ages - Thanks for sharing....

BTW I'm sure there were only 21 Turbo Esprit HC Limited Edition (21 Years in Norfolk) cars built to mark the number...

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what a great photo of the red twin tone, more please,

but where did they go too , and where can I buy one, the car not the photo that is?

I agree with Neil, it was my understanding also that they built only 21 examples. Blue,Silver and red twin tones


Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed. : Albert Einstein

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Hi everyone!

I am the original owner of 1987 Limited Edition 17.

Just wanted to confirm that 21 limited editions were built to commemorate 21 years of the Norfolk factory.

All cars were 2 tone metallic (red,blue,silver) and had matching leather interiors. All had matching leather luggage sets and all came with an amazing equalised and amplified hi-fi system.

Each limited edition came with a solid silver plaque (very valuable these days) mounted on the dash stating the L.E. number.

My car is one of the silver/grey so presumably numbers 15 to 21 were all silver grey?

I have a letter from Lotus Cars that says that the limited edition cars took 8 weeks to make and had been worked on by no less than 120 people during the various stages of manufacture.

The engine of car number 17 was installed on the 14th April 1987 and was tested and inspected by Frank Harris.

I'm not sure, but believe all 21 cars were right hand drives.

Hope you find the above of use and thanks for your interest.


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Hi Marc. Welcome to TLF. :welcome:

You need to shoot over to the Introductions thread and say hi there and post up some pics of your car. Especially an LE model :thumbsup:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help. :)

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

For forum issues, please contact one of us Moderators.

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