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Rod rattle - possible to fix from below?


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Guest modifiedv8engines

Hi Kent

The ticking noise is hard to hear over the exhaust and other general noise but it sounds a bit like half engine speed which would indicate a worn or possibly damaged lifter.

Comparred to my engine (52,000 miles) , yours tends to sound a little more "tappety" on initial start and it may be worth draining the oil and filling with some fresh more viscous oil to see if it quietens down.

This may not cure the problem but may help to pin point the dreaded noise.

I will have a word with a mate of mine this weekend who used to do a lot of the dyno work on these engines @ Lotus and see if he knows of there were any cam, lifter, wrist pin issues



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Well, it might be too late now, and I could be wrong anyway: but after listening several times, it sounds very much like my exhaust manifold shield rattle. Mine was cracked around one of the bolt holes, and there was no way I could replicate the sound by banging it, hitting it, or generally shaking things around the area. But once I removed it and had it welded, that noise went away. I did it while I was replacing my alternator: as I recall, it was an easy removal/install from under the car.

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Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the info - it is at the shop now (though a different shop than the one I mentioned earlier) and I'm anxiously awaiting an answer. Hopefully will know in a few days!

- Kent

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Update: Haven't heard about the bearings themselves yet, but the mechanic said while taking things apart he saw a trace of some signs of coolant in the oil, which would possibly indicate a leaking cylinder liner (and would explain why the bearing might have failed in the first place - coolant is not the recommended engine lubricant! ;)

Looks like the famed Loctite issue (though I've heard that the Loctite sealant itself is a fine product).

Should know more soon.

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Update: confirmed that one of the bearings is bad and the crankshaft needs to get machined. So that combined with the possible liner issue confirms that I'm definitely in for a full rebuild.

Well, at least I will have a nice fresh engine for years to come, along with a new engine paint job (red) and some ssqv blow off valves. ;)

Thanks everyone for the assistance and advice! I'll post some pics or a video when it is done.


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