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AC compressor model #

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Does anyone know the model number of the AC compressor for an '86 HCI?

I have a leak around the compressor area and funnily enough my AC has stopped working altogether!

I've delved on the forum and noted someone had mention that 'Chrysler used the same Sanden compressor on 80s Jeep Cherokees"

I need the model # though for a replacement. Any help greatly appreciated.



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You do not necessarily require the same one.The bracketing lends itself to fortunately try alternatives .Most of the aircons of the era are similar in mounting ,hole studs etc.Furthermore remember that you are still on the old "gas" system so you would require someone either to change seals or have the old gas spec.

PS how do you know it is not just a leaking pipe that has affected the aircon?

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Richard, Adam is out of town for a bit and had his car worked on just before he left. I've been asked to look in on it from time to time, give it a drive, make sure all is running well, maybe try to solve some small niggles. The aircon didn't work when the car came back from having a valve adjustment done. When I visited the car a couple of weeks ago, which was maybe three weeks after the work was done, I noticed an odd puddle underneath the front of the engine of what looked like an amber-ish coloured oil. Definitely not an oil from inside the engine or gearbox, and it lay in a puddle about 1/2" by 12" cross-wise right under where the belts would be. A finger-test confirmed that it was indeed some sort of oil, and the only oil not containing dark contaminants I can think of that would be present near the front of the engine is aircon-compressor oil...which I'm guessing got out past the shaft seal then ran down along a belt-span and dripped from the length of the span, producing that odd puddle. The car hasn't dripped much anything for the past year.

So since the belts probably got disturbed during the valve adjustment, I'm wondering if the mechanic did something to the compressor in the process.

I'll be dropping in on it again before too long and I'll bring a jack for a better look underneath.

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I'm pretty sure your compressor is a Sanden 508 model 9036. It should be noted on the compressor somewhere.

You can find them quite a few different places for around $125.

I've used these guys before and was very happy.


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