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Air con help please

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Just had a go at recharging a friends air con system on a esprit S3,and much to my surprise the connections on the compressor are the same as I use every day :thumbup: .

Then I turned my hand to the next car which was a stevens V8, OMG what bloody connections are they,how can this be the older car is ok yet the newer car has some mickey mouse connector on it :dizzy: ,which is sods law so i cant do my own car,unless someone out there knows where i can get the adaptor the fits on said connection,ANYONE PLEASE. :shuriken:

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Just a shot in the dark: the old S3 is using old R12 gaz, which comes with a given type of connectors, whereas your V8 is muc h newer, at least from 1996, and by that time R12 had been phased out in favour more eco-friendly R134a gaz, which uses different type of connectors, mainly so that one can't mistankenly put R134a gaz in an old R12 car, since both systemes aren't compatible out of the box.

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I wonder you are looking for A/C hose fittings with O-ring to A/C compress ( it called BEADLOCK)?

I just google but I can only find the USA. and I think the size #8 for the high #10 for the low.

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If you're talking about gauge hose adapters, you need something like these:

My link

These won't do, according to the description they convert old R12 couplings to the newest R134a ones, which is what most people want to do of course.

But if I read the OP correctly, what he is trying to do is the other way around, which is rather odd : put old R12 couplings on a modern R134a car... so he can use a left over of obsolete R12 gas, rather than just putting the appropriate (and still current) R134 from any car service shop. That's what I understand at least... am I right ?

If so I guess you know what you are doing and will make sure to remove any and all oil from the system before filling with old R12.

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Ok chaps pics

My recharge rig

this pic hose from rig, quick release adaptor,adaptor for quick release,and last this is the connector that would be on the compressor,screw tread on outside same as on a esprit G car,all this lot fitted perfect.

This is a pic of V8 stevens,as you can see my my quick release set up will not fit,the V8 set up has a internal thread on the connector.

So what i need is the adaptor/connection to fit on a Stevens air con set up

Jim do you know if these ones deffo fit on the car.

Thanks to you guys for your reply,anyone know of a place in the UK I can buy these from. :shuriken:

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Yes, as long as you have the typical R12 fitting thread (don't know what it is) on your female hose fitting it will fit the hose and the R134 fittings on the car. I have them and have used them.

You will probably need to find them at a commercial industrial supply house or order them online.

BTW, nice setup with the scale.. :thumbup:

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1995 S4s

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GT3 needs 1kg, assume the same for all 4 pots?! V8 is something like 1.1kg

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Ok I think guys we need a regulator solution. My r12 system has been fitted with modern valves for r134 connection by myself. My air con is running cold cold with the standard compressor and condensor. There is a lot of bad press about converting the two systems but they do work. Even the but yourself system worked for me until the condensor blew.

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My system took 700 grams of r134 as mine was completely empty. Nigel have a look on Thats where I got it stuff from they well just about everything you need and at a decent price. The connectors for the v8 are the push on type, the hose you connect doesnt screw into sure ive seen the end couplings you need for your kit there when I was looking.

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