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Esprit Engine Update

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A snippet from the new EVO mag.

"...the new engine is being developed by Stuttgart-based HWA - the part of AMG that wasn't bought by Daimler-Benz in 1999 and which has previously only developed race engines. The new motor is a naturally aspirated 4.8 V8 with a flat-plane crank and dry sump lubrication. It will produce 562bhp, rev to 9000rpm and weigh just 170kg."

This makes sense given the news that Lotus recently opened a 'technical center' in Stuttgart, which also happens to be close to the Nurburgring.......

No doubt this is Zimmermann exploiting his contacts in Germany and makes sense of his cryptic comment at the 'Lotus One year' press boondoggle at Hethel the other week -

According to Zimmermann efficiencies are not brought about simply through component sharing, but through the work practices at Lotus. "This is not the normal road car development process," says the former M-B AMG man. "It's more like racing car development. Two people can meet in the morning, make a decision in 30 minutes, and when the memo goes out the next morning everyone is working in the right direction. In a normal car company, these decisions take months."

Of course Lotus has made no comment so who knows? :secret:

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Odd that BFTD doesn't comment on this thread.........

I personally dont think having an engine designed in Germany and built god knows where was what most potential Lotus customers were thinking of when they requested a "Lotus" engine to power the new Esprit.

Bizzare that Lotus Engineering could once design great engines for GM, Jensen,Toyota,KIA,Chrysler and other manufacturers, but now HWA are needed to do the job.

This new engine could have been a showpiece for Lotus Engineering and its abilities,but all this shows is that Lotus now outsources what one was its bread and butter.

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So...........instead of being built "in house," it will be built "in haus." :comp:

Hey, if it lives up to its specs, there are going to be some very happy campers at the wheel. :B)

Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.

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This should have been fired up yesterday... I did ask but was told it's not an event they wanted to share right now.

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