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peter sellers racing team

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Reading a book about Freddie Dixon a 1930`s racing driver, who won theTT on two three and four wheels, and there is a story about him having a " chauffeur" named Pat Ferguson who later became Peter Sellars team racing driver.It appears that this was sometime in the sixties and that the car was a Lotus Elan.Does anybody remember this or know any more about it


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I think I might remember some of this. Back in the sixties, there were a number of well known people entering or driving Elites and Elans, maybe even 47's. I recall Chris Barber of Jazz Band fame, Les Leston AKA Dadio, and yes I remember the name of Peter Sellars, celebrities who were actually involved in motor sport, (in Lotus's) instead of looking pretty in a plush hospitality unit.

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I knew Peter Sellers was very much into cars; for instance his "borrowing" Spike Milligan`s Austin 7 and then selling it (as you do) but I didn`t know at all that he raced them....are there any books touching on his racing activities ?

Peter Ustinov was another enthusiast who once recorded an LP involving his imitations of car noises....

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Cant ever remember Peter Sellers competing as a driver(at least using his own name), he had poor eyesight and a heart condition so I doubt he could have raced even If he had wanted to.

He did sponsor individual drivers though , mostly in F3 If I remember correctly.

Great comedian and actor though,I still like watching him as Inspector Clousseau.

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A couple of years ago my mate, an Aston fanatic, called me to say he'd bought a Lotus Elan. A white one. It was Peter Sellers' car and came with a stack of photos, articles and provenance. Even pictures of Britt Eckland and the car. I'll ask him if there is anything on any racing activities.

We had lunch at Goodwood the other week and despite owning about a dozen Astons he also collects old Land Rovers. And has a Ferrari FF on order - apparently his 612 Scaglietti isn't practical enough for the drive down to his villa on the Riviera.

Talk about how the other half live.

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