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New S4S owner


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Hi everyone,

Thought it was time I introduced myself.

I joined a while back as I had decided to sell my 1988 Porsche 911 Cabriolet & replace it with an Esprit.

I was initially looking at either an SE or S4.

I sold the 911 about a month back & viewed a few Esprit's but nothing that persuaded me to buy,I also had a drive of a V8-GT which sounded fantastic & when as well as it sounded so I then started looking at V8's as well :-)

I went to see a V8-SE which on initial inspection looked promising but I had an offer of some help from a Esprit V8 owner David Walters ( many thanks David ) & when he checked the car out there was various 'issues' that started ringing alarm bells so i passed.

I continued my search & David sent me details of an S4S he had spotted at a dealers in Devon.

It was a '96 MY in Mica Yellow & green interior & looked really nice with only 35k miles.

I managed to trace the PO who confirmed he had owned the car since 2003 & had reluctantly had to sell it, this also confirmed it was the same car David had looked at when he was looking for an S4S around 2003. It had had a new clutch & gearbox rebuild in January aloung with service & belts.

The Oz wheels had also been refurbished.

I decided to go and have a look, the only problem being that the dealer was over 5 hours drive from me so i ended up getting a flight down last Friday with the intention of buying it & driving home, I was hoping the car was as good as described as I had no plan 'B' to get home again if it wasn't !!

Well armed with the knowledge & advice from David I spent nearly 3 hours checking over the car & taking it for a test drive.

There where a few faults I found namely, brake pedal pressure was inconsistant, tyres have seen better days, oil dripping off the sump, air con not working & a few other niggles. Armed with these points I got a reasonable amount off the asking price & sealed the deal.

I sorted the insurance over the telephone & set off on what should have been a 5 1/2 hour journey, problem was I hadn't banked on Friday afternoon traffic ! I eventually got home after 7 1/2 hours !

Since then I have been cleaning & polishing & when I get some time I will post some pics.

I'm loving driving my new toy but have a few technical questions I will post up in the relevant section if that's ok.

Bye for now, Phil

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:thumbsup: Welcome and congrats on the new car! Looking forward to pics :D

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Evora NA

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Welcome to the forum and ownership of this wonder marque, Phil.

Look forward to seeing some photos and seems par for the course to have to travel to acquire these cars. Personally I drove from Surrey to Luton Airport then flew to Edinburgh to view my S4s returning home the same day having agreed the deal. Well worth it though as I then had to fly back to Edinburgh and drive it back to Surrey. :D


Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed. : Albert Einstein

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Welcome and enjoy,

Caught between a rock and a hard place in a catch 22 situation, So its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Your damned if you do, but your damned if you don't so shut your cock!!!!!!!!!!!

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You are wrong of course,

The other 59,999,997 in England will agree with me that by far and away the best Esprit is my Norfolk Mustard V8-GT.

Mind you 3 out of 60million is not bad by any means!!!


I beg to differ.....looking at the knuckle dragging half bred virmin inhabiting UK city centres streets at night these days I think you can take a few thousand off of you side. And to be fair if they agree with you.....nuff said! :harhar:

Twitter @radioRedwards

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Many thanks for the warm welcome.

I've been busy sorting a few problems out since I bought her two weeks ago.

Cleaned ABS sensors & new brake pedal switch has (90%) sorted the brake problems, they're still a bit wooden but that would appear normal ?

Aircon re-gassed & now working.

Tracking adjusted ( this was miles out ! )

Cleaned seats & headlining / carpets etc.

Fitted new CD/MP3 player. Although it was advertised with a CD it turned out to be a radio cassette :-(

Replaced some bulbs on the dash ( getting the binnacle off is fun isn't it )

Removed & re-sealed cam covers.

Changed the oil.

Still need to sort the tyres, the back ones are different tread pattern & near side is well worn, I was going to buy a part worn Michelin to match the other side which isn't too bad but I found that one has a screw in it right near the side wall & can't be repaired so I need to replace both. Fronts won't last much longer as they are worn on the inside ( due to the tracking )

I love driving her & can't wait until she's fully sorted.

May see some of you at Donington on Saturday ?


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We've got a stand, come and say hello :)

88 Esprit NA, 89 Esprit Turbo SE, Evora, Evora S, Evora IPS, Evora S IPS, Evora S IPS SR, Evora 400, Elise S1, Elise S1 111s, Evora GT410 Sport

Evora NA

For forum issues, please contact the Moderators. I will aim to respond to emails/PM's Mon-Fri 9-6 GMT. 

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