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Just been keyed... 48hrs after a respray. Is this a new record?

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Sorry to read this James.

Report it to the police as criminal damage and insist they look into it, explain it will cost £5000 to get a respray. They will check the camera's for you.

However, much of the time, even if they can see the person they may not be able to indentify him/her.

But its worth a punt, equally to get revenge and ensure they can't do it again as to get the money for a respray.

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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Thanks for tips guys,

I might try pursuing the CCTV route, just out of interest - but I imagine I'll get something along the lines of: 'we can't show it to you 'cause of data protection' or 'we can't retrieve the CCTV videos because they're held by an off-site agency', or 'we'll release them to the police' or something of that nature... I'll give it a go though - see what happens!

I could have been a trolley, but it's so low down height-wise... it's almost as if someone would have to stoop to even key it.

There's a paint guy not far from me - I'll see what he says about it, or failing that I'll get back in touch with the place I had the respray.

EspritMiltonKeynes - ironically now lives in Edinburgh London (SE4)

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It's nothing more than petty jealousy, done by the kind of imbecile who will never be able to afford something so lovely due to their lack of intellect and ability - so they try to stop the owner from enjoying a beautiful thing they have worked hard for.

These creatures are recognizable by their reversed baseball caps, which hide their lobotomy scar - very similar in function to a hoody.

The best we can do is report anything we see happening to the Police and be prepared to act as witnesses.

I actually caught three dimwits trying to scratch the bonnet on my Esprit with the aid of a packet of crisps - using the sharp edge of a crisp as a scraper. I was the best laxative they had ever known.


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