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[Donington 2011] Anyone for a convoy - M40

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Hi folks,

We will be driving up tomorrow (Saturday morning) to come to this show for the first time, eating and staying the Saturday night at the Thistle Hotel, and returning to the show on Sunday.

Presumably everyone who is coming up for the Sat and Sun only (NOT Fri also) will be checking into the Thistle (if that's where they're staying) after the show on Saturday.

So my 3 questions are:-

1. Is there a TLF communal area to park at when we arrive, and if so, what should we do to be parked there? (I noticed a photo from (I think) last year's show which had a number of you guys all parked together in it).

2. Will there be a convoy of us travelling back to the hotel after the show? Without really knowing what to expect from this weekend, we really are coming for the social aspect of this much more than the show itself.

3. Is there a group (or anyone at all!) of us travelling up either the M1 or the M40 on Saturday morning, that would like to hook up with us at some point for the journey? We would either join the M40 at junc 9 (so could meet at M40 junc 10 services) or would join the M1 at junc 15A (so could meet at the services there), and we could be flexible with whatever time would suit other people.

Look forward to seeing many of you.

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I'll be passing Junc 9 of the M40 at about 9:30am on Sat morning in my Essex Blue Elite S2.2, but would prefer not to stop at the Services at Junc 10, as it can be a pig of a junction. There are usually a few Lotus cars on the way to Donington to join up with. I have found the M40/M42/A42 to be a better route than A43/M1. No roundabouts and queues to contend with.

Leigh, Oxford

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In answer to 1 & 2 there is usually two car parks on site; one for Lotus cars only which the car park marshals will direct you to. The hotel is about a minute up the road fr the show so trying to organise any kind of convoy would probably not be worth the effort!

Sunday is our traditional day for attendance with most folks arriving late in the day on Saturday to check in to the hotel then going to the show on Sunday. I'm sure you'll find some Lotus company at some point on the journey!

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