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84 sold...85 bought


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As some of you might know, I was forced to sell my 1984 Turbo Esprit restoration project some while ago.

However business has been going well and I was able to start searching again.

The car I looked for was once more a white giugiaro Turbo Esprit.

I found a white Turbo in Germany (formerly registered in the UK), bought it...and did some minor repairs on the car to get it passed MOT.

The car features a new windscreen, a new alternator, AGM Optima battery and changed the regular bulbs for LED units. electrics are running fine now...

The car is a 1985 Turbo version with the optional detachable glass roof panel. It seems, from 1984 on, almost everybody ordered it as an option? I have rarely come across an Esprit which didn't have it.


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He Ruud nice esprit, I love a white esprit with a blue interior.

buddsy, mine is from feb.85 as well. last 4 digits from the vin are 2061 what is yours?

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Nice looking car !

Mine's from December '85 (first reg'd in Jan '86) - it doesn't have the glass roof or the aircon that was needed to counter the heat gain through the glass roof. :sofa:

Interesting that yours has the late build colour coordinated mirrors, but the early build black bumper. Presumably a previous owner preference?


Loving Lionel and Eleanor......missing Charlie and Sonny

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mine has the colour coordinated mirrors

but the ear as well a as well and the early style bumper but in the body colour

I have a pic going back to 1993 and back then it was already in full colour.

nice to know what vin number you have Ruud and buddsy

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Very nice Ruud! :thumbsup:

Interesting comments. Funny about them all having the glass roof- over here in USA the glass roof seems to be non-existent! This despite the sales brochure showing it as an option... Interesting too about mirrors and bumpers...USA bumpers were all black even through 1987 as far as I've seen, although some owners have had them painted. I also can't recall seeing a USA car without body colour mirrors, but then '84-'85 cars are fairly rare over here so I could totally be mistaken.

Anyway, GORGEOUS car!

"If you can't fix it with a hammer, it's electrical." -somebody's dad

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My vin number ends at 2121



And a small impression of the car in current looks. I added the "007 license plate" just for fun, when the car is on display at car meetings.


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