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I haven't, but I'm running Yoko slicks and not 048s, if that matters?

2008 2-Eleven
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2010 Lotus Challenge Series ULTRA Class champion
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Yes, probably Jack. I'm standard car on 48s.

I had vibration from the front right on hard (low speed) left hand corners. Disconnecting the ARB drop link changed it to a 'pinging' noise. Close inspection of the ARB showed some small marks (both sides) on the outside of the bend.

There is clearance to the tyre at full droop and normal ride height but it's real close. It may be rubbing when fully loaded?

The ARB has 2 bends so may explain why it rubs only at certain steering angles as the tyre moves around it. Certainly would explain why it only does it under load as the wheel moves up relative to the pivot point of the ARB...

I also had some slight rubbing of the left hand front tyre on the chassis at full lock but seemingly unrelated...

After this I had geo done, some settings a little out but no real issues.

Subsequently also checked the cross weights...a fair bit out...


145kg / 122kg


230.5kg / 259.5kg

With Driver:


162.5kg / 150.5kg


245kg / 292.5kg

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