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I have a chargecooled SE!

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Ok... :D

I could not post this, but i think theres some info here. :)

I was losing water in the CC system, this co-insided with some

emulsification on the dipstick, so i figured i'd get the CC pump

changed to an electric one. At worst, if i was wrong about the

water loss, i could write it off as a mod.

I thought my CC impeller was fine.

Touching it after a run, it was always cool. By this i mean it was cooler

than everything else in the engine bay, and there is plenty of reference

on pistonheads as it being 'cool to the touch', i figured as it accepts air

from the turbo and i could lay my hand on it - then it was fine! screwy.gif

So, heres the pump i dissembled this morning, tip top eh?


So the impeller was gnackered, but look, the outlet was blocked too!

outlet-blocked.JPG bits of impeller blades!


Well, here's some real evidence of

water to oil at least!


And heres the blank PNM made for me.


And the electric pump:

(from here:)



Now, i have an SE.

The Chargecooler is COLD, as cold as a tin of lager

straight out of the fridge. Don't kid yourselves like i

did guys, don't waste time rushing to the engine lid to

check it before it picks up any 'ambient heat' etc...

Five minutes after stopping it's still icy cold, not 'cold

to the touch' but REALLY Cold.

The car goes like stink again :rolleyes:

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Good work Paul, well done!

Should point out the disassembly of the pump was by me this morning.

The job of removing it, blanking and fitting the electric one was done by

Steve Williams yesterday. He handed me the old unit, so i just hadda take

it to bits and find the emulsification i assumed would be there :D

So happens i found out a bit more too :rolleyes:

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good stuff chappy. mines next for similar treatment.

just ordered me 325mm front brake discs, as thats the ongoing mod at the moment, brembo calipers are here and ready for action too.


in fact mines apart, and its fully bolloxed as expected. chargecooler inlet/outlet are also almost completely furred up, pump itself ditto, and the impellor, although it looked ok when i first took the lid off, was sitting still while the brass inner part was spinning nicely. I seriously amazed the car went as well as it did, with no water flow at all. New pump on order!

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