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Esprit S2.2 color/paint code info

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Hi guys,

I've the color code chart for the Lotus cars but I don't know which car are referring to.

So, found this pics on the web and I think that this would be the choice for my babe.

Does anyone know the color name and paint code of this car?

Where I can find the right code for the paint, PPG, Max Meyer, Dupont etc...

Also, I don't know which color for the interior was available at the time for this paint, I want to retrim in red full leather as in the last pic, do you think it's a correct combination?

IIRC the full leather trim was an option for all the Esprit so I think was possible to choose the leather trim color at the time?

Any help wpuld be much appreciated.








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Hi Giorgio,

My Esprit S2.2 was the same color originally, before being resprayed 30 years ago.

The color code under the bonnet is A06, Bermuda blue. With a full black leather interior.

And fabrick grey roof liner.

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Hi Garp, thanks!

So A06 is the code, is it a metallic or normal paint?

I think it requires a clear coat on top of it?


ok found this: A06 Bermuda Blue ICI P429288 A076B6072

it's a two pack acrylic metallic paint.


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Yes, I think the same, best color for the Esprit along with Monaco white.

Regarding the interior, does anyone know what color is the

Leather trim RED VM3086 CRUSHED as reported on the parts list?

Which type of red it is ?


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