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Stalling on hot days

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Guys, had this problem last year on the hotest of days. Slow down for a junction and you have to be pretty quick with your feet to keep it running otherwise it just stalls.

It's fine when it's cooler, any one had anything similar?



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Have you tried to reset the ECU?

I usually do this twice a year... when it gets hot in the summer and once in the fall when it cools off.

I pull the 5 amp ECM fuse (fuse panel next to the battery) or disconnect the battery. After letting it sit for a few hours I then restarted the car. I let it warm up and cycle through activation of the cooling fans three times, then turned on the A/C and let it idle for another 20 minutes, all without hitting the gas pedal even once. After that I took it for a drive , A/C on and off and now the ECM has 're-mapped' itself and the problem with stalling should go away.


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yes mine has been doing this for a few days now

cheers Andy


Interesting idea on the ecu reset mine has been reset because it spent a couple of weeks with the battery disconnected.

Mine will idle fine like that though it's only when slowing down that the revs seem to die very quickly.

I'll try disconnecting it as you say but not so sure about it.

Andy have you any ideas?

Oh the air con is on.



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if he is on ac, i think he needs to relearn the idle. if not i concur about the iac valve.


I don't think its relearning the idle, it was even hotter today and I did a 17 miles with the aircon on and it's idled fine. It tends to be on longer runs, just to be clear it does not return to idle and stall, it loses revs when you put your foot on the clutch and then dies away.

Speaking to my tech today he tells me the V8 should never go below 1200 rpm when it's doing 2 mph or more.

Cheers for all the help though folks.



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