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Collective crossing of fingers please

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MOT tomorrow.

My new Excel is going to fail (deliberate strategy) as it needs 2 front Tyres and I can't get the numberplate lights to work. Oh, and the handbrake Is probably a bit ineffective.

But the plan is to assess what else is wrong before deciding to press on or give up as there's no point buying 2 Tyres if I break it for parts and keep the engine as a spare for Sue's TE

Wish me luck that there's nothing major and I'll have her on the road next week.


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Well.... good news/bad news,

The good news is that it failed on all of the things I thought it would. The parts to repair are about £200 (including 2 x tyres as despite the MOT tester saying that perished tyres are just an advisory! - I'm gonna change them for new)

The bad news is it needs 2 x bushes in the front suspension top link just on nearside - with no manual I'm a bit in the dark but it looks fairly straightforward.

And the emissions were all to cock - running far too rich and idling too high.

Does anyone know the standard starting point for the mixture screws? on the Turbo Esprit its screw fully in and then out 6 1/2 turns. Is it the same for the N/A cars (again a manual would help!)

So the good/bad news depending on your outlook is that an Excel will be saved and used as a fun runabout.

Just waiting for the parts to arrive before getting it fixed at the weekend and retested next week.


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Yes I've always used 1 1/2 - 2 turns as a starting point. Higher grade fuel can have a positive effect on emission's. How about air filter ?

Bushes are nothin' to a man of your caliiber, just keep the missus of the car. :devil:

Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it, depends on what you put into it. (Tom Leahrer)

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