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Windshield Wiper Replacement on 2001 Esprit V8

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I notice today that my windshield wiper was torn and needed to be replaced. It has the Valeo wiper and it has a 630 number on it which I believe means it is 630mm long. I measured the wiper and it appears to be about 24.5 inches long. Since Valeo are not easily available in the US at our local auto part stores can anyone answer these questions?

1. Can someone recommend a Wiper Brand to use (Bosch, PIAA, etc)

2. What is the length of the wiper? Should I use a 24


2001 V8 - Silver

2007 Ducati 1098

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Hey Joey,

I just replaced mine as well......don't know why I never use it haha... I put on a Bosch micro edge(I think?). It is their latest no frame blade and works good. Take yours off then go to your local auto store and they'll get you the right one. I think it was a 24".

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Resurrecting this thread because I need to replace the wiper on a '98 V8. How fantstic the forum comes with a search facility.

I've fitted these on other cars, so I know this is something I can do. Neither of us fitted one on an Esprit before, not a clue which/what/where to buy. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks :)

Just because you can, does'nt mean you should.

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Can't remember part nos, but there's a unipart one that is an exact match - less than a tenner i think - whatever you do DON'T buy the lotus one, its exactly the same but costs you 40 quid! (sorry Brian if your listening..!)

Try your local factors - (take the old blade and ask them to match it, don't mention "lotus") oh, and if you really want to be clever, get one with a "spoiler" same as the 03 cars had..

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I know wiper blades can be 'refurbished', if they're not totally ripped off course.

Soon, I'll try it with so called product 'wondersteen' ( ; sorry, it's Dutch)

They claim the wiper will be wipe again as if it were new ...

Dunno if it's an option ...

- Nulla tenaci invia est via -

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I just replaced the wiper on mine with a PIAA item, which I have to say is the most fantastic wiper I've ever used. I will now be replacing the wipers on my BMW and the wifes Renault with PIAA items too. try; They are not cheap, but they do work fantastically well, they dont squeak or jitter - they just do what they're suposed to.

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Hey guys [and girls!]

has anyone tried to disassemble the complete Valeo/Renault wiper system? Lost "neutral" position on my system (it rattles under the dash and it moves backwart first if you turn it on, then it jumps to the middle). During my last (fast) run it moves completly without motor power, only with the airsream force , it stops just at the left side of the windscreen/A-post

the conical mounting point for the wiper arm is still in good condition and tight


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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Gonna re-awaken this thread n ask a couple o questions!

The wiper blade on my V8 is old & knacked (probably the orginal one to be fair) so needs replacing, and tbh i cannot see HOW you detach the wiper from the arm to replace it, so when you guys renew them are you just somehow renewing the rubber wiper or replacing the whole assy it fastens too aswell???

How much are these nowadays,are they readily available??

Lastly i see there is some mention of the 2004 models having a slightly different setup, Can the earlier cars be convereted to the later setup?, What parts would I need to convert it if it's possible?, rough Prices???

Needs something as we (me n my cousin) took the car out for a spin the other night and driving in the dark and rain the wiper was causing us some issues as it wouldn't properly clear the water and just seemed to smear it half the time which made it hard to see as you'd expect!

It's something that'll have to be sorted when the car goes away again for some of the other issues to be sorted too (add it to my ever growing list!)

Cheers Matt!

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Replaced mine a couple years ago (never use it so replacement was more cosmetic than anything), and as I recall, it was just a standard 24" wiper refill that I picked up. I do recall that I picked it up at a local Autozone, but I'm sure nearly any parts store should carry just the rubber blade portion.

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