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Hi Guys and Gals, I am new here and i'm also new to all things lotus.

I purchased my 2003 S2 a few days ago and I must say its growing on me alot!, I've jumped ship from a Honda S2000 AP2. First impressions on the drive home from collection.... Dam this is loud, uncomfortable but so so so much fun and I think I am going to keep it. Its a 1.8 engine and to be honest I was expecting a lot more from the elise. So my thoughts on this are, if i'm going to keep it I need to make some modifications! :) other than an engine transplant what are my options for performance upgrades? any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated. If you could be so kind start with the smallest mod first i.e best induction kit to fit,exhaust replacement etc etc

I am thinking of just jumping straight in the deep end and supercharging the engine but I am none the wiser on whats needed and whats involved, also i've read alot about remapping the ecu is this a good idea?

Thanks in advance for any help regarding this matter :)


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Hi Lee. Sorry I can't help you with suggestions for mods.

Several reasons:

1) Don't have an elise

2) I don't mod.

3) wouldn't know where to start.

What I can do is the following to help:

1) say hi :welcome:

2) Let you know that other guys will be along with all sorts of tips soon so you'll get suggestions and answers :)

3) If you have any questions on using the forum or anything like that, contact one of us mods (the boys in blue :police: ) for help

Oo, also meant to say. Great little car, the elise. My S4 got it's bottom well and truly spanked by one at a driving day in Western Australia. That's why I moved to Victoria. :yes:

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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Hi and welcome

As an ex Exige S owner my suggestion is to look at the model progression. Do you have the S base model ? Next up in HP is the R and then the SC (Supercharged) that thing is a pocket rocket!

I bought the Exige S because I wanted the fastest they did at the time (The Exige S is supercharged unlike the S Elise...confusing) and I knew I would always look with jealousy as someone pulled away from me.

As for the noise, you learn to live with it. The Exige is even more stripped out, but I loved that. If I wanted something more civilised (having worked for Honda at the time) I would have got an S2000.

Don't forget for every piece of trim you add weight. Adding weight is not a Lotus thing :)

Also take into account that one persons modification is another mans poison. Always difficult to sell a heavily modded Elise unless they are factory mods.

Overall, enjoy and good luck!

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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Hi guys thanks for all the replies, I have a S model :)

@Rich i am in bootle :)

@ ramjet I test drove a R4 before I had an s2000 lovely machines just wasn't for me :)

i am looking into the supercharger root as we speak but can not find much info on them :( I am new to forums, and useless at finding thing on the internet (unless its porn :huh: ) I am sure i will get there in the end.

thanks once again


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Lotus do a supercharger kit, it's a touch over £4k.



Any good?

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Evora NA

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Seriously this is the first mod I would do. You can do both parts 1 & 2 for just under the grand and you will be much faster. :driving:




"Belief is the enemy of knowing" - Crrow777

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@ Buddsy, Thanks for the link pal, I am not a professional by no means but I do consider myself a good driver :) Me and my friends are doing a track day in november and I was thinking of having 3x30min sessions which is cheaper than the lotus academy training :S ? ? and spending the spare cash I do have on some mods how ever small or big they would be. Thanks all the same.

@ Bibs, Thanks for the info Bibs I dont really have a £4k to splash on a supercharger just out of curiosity what are the specs? ie what torc and bhp does it add etc?

Thanks for all the input guys :)

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Best bet is to get a set of Randy spec Nitron shocks with a proper geo and then drive the piss out of it till the engine pops and then let's talk... :smoke:

I think it's fast enough…maybe

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With Ronin on this. Been down that road of tuning the s**t out of a K series and risk reward factor just doesn't stack up. You haven't said but I'm guessing that you have a 111 or 111s which should have the VVC engine and 156bhp as standard.

That being the case tuning options are limited unless you want to A) spend a small fortune, and B) lose weeks of your life on a fruitless exercise.

As mentioned, uprate the suspension to Nitron NTR or streets if you want a cheaper option. For track I would check out what pads you have fitted and change to either pagid 42 or 14's or CL 5 or 6's. Braid hoses make a difference on brake performance also.

If you are still intent on tuning one of the best mods is to change to a close ratio gearbox B4BPQ is the best option if you can find one this has the close ratio gear set and an LSD. Changing to one of these makes a huge difference to the car. Wish I had done this first instead of trying to extract extra ponies from mine, but hindsight is always 20/20.

Once you have done the above as well as driver training which cannot be stated enough, despite how good you think you are. Better to spend money training you rather than throwing it at a car that you can only drive at 70% at best.

Lotus academy has been mentioned but also look at carlimits, Walshy will open your eyes, and have you destroy a set of tyres :).

I can't stress enough that tuning a K series is a risky and expensive game which will at some point end in tears. Left to it's own devices it will self destruct all by itself at which point you could drop in a K20 or repair it.

What ever you decide good luck.

my 2p

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Also it depends on what the car is for - I hated my CR box on long trips but loved it when 'pressing on'

Lotus Esprit S4 - Work in progress

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