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Dripping while stationary...

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Just picked up on this thread..

My alu coolant pipes through the chassis were shot to hell - despite the car being only a December 94 - and one pipe had clean split so there was lots of leakage. A fair old gush in fact..

I can tell you that with the engine in place I believe the job would be near impossible - I have my engine out so the pipes came out. Even that wasnt the nicest job - they were very tight through the chassis and put up a fight. Additionally you have to lift (ok, maybe bend gently) them over the tubular element of chassis next to the fuel balance pipe location. Talking of which, that gets in the way too.

I'm putting new ones in Monday afternoon so will be able to comment on how tricky it is. I can see the theory being easy - push through hole, steer a little bit and push through other end... buutt a peek with a torch down the length of the chassis box seems to illustrate some midpoint walls in the structure that they have to go through too..

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Hi All

So there i was under the car looking for a leak ,clear water(ish) checked all over the engine even replaced a couple suspect looking clamps.Went out to pick daughter up from creche, got home a trail of water dotting up to where i stopped (very peeved by this stage) so off i went tightening clamps etc (again) :) when all of a sudden it bloody dawned on me that every time i thought i had a leak i have had the a/c on ...............yeah ok you've guessed right, the water was coming from the a/c heat exchanger.........why didnt i think of that to start with ,but as with a Lotus you always suspect the worst first :)

Nick S4s

Simplest things first.

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very interesting tiny willy but my mechanic (chris foulds) said that the easiest way to them was from the front removing the valance and radiator, mine seem quite free to pull and i have a waterfall coming from them, tomorrow i finally get chance to try bypass them just to check which one it is and to find out if there are definately leaking. i have abandoned any idea of running another pipe throught it due to unkwon effect on coolant pressure and increased stress on the water pump. you may be best running some wire the entire length through the existing pipe then pulling the pipe out leaving you a guide to pull the new one through.

Nice hot beautifull day again and the cars not working, if it was raining the damn thing would be ok. :)

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Hello just thought i would update how my water leak problem was solved as alot of people here gave there ideas and help, after i worked out that the leak was in the pipe running through the chassis somewhere i gave it to chris foulds of huddersfield to do the repair and they found that it was the flow pipe about 3 inches into the rear of the tunnel chassis entrance.

Luckily because it was so close to the end and the fact that theres spare length on both ends of the pipe they was able to cut off the damaged section and pull through more pipe from the front, the resulting pipe at the engine end then did not have the lip you can see on the photos on it but he was able to secure it well on and put a few clips on to make sure it was tight.

I have had the car back 2 weeks now and its been totally dry drip wise for all that time and the water level in the header tank is not moving now :blink: .

The inside of the pipe showed alot of water hardness build up and the fact they did not replace the whole pipe is not the best solution but it saved so much on the wallet i was happy to take it rather than have to remove the whole front section of the car and add alot more on the bill.

All in all a nasty little problem to pin down but on the other hand i learnt the water cooling system pretty well for future reference. B)

post-600-1158217858.jpg post-600-1158217906.jpg post-600-1158217923.jpg post-600-1158217938.jpg

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Not sure on the cause the pipe looks like it rotted away somehow, the car was not used for long periods of time before i bought it and the water hardness in his area was alot higher than my current one and the fact its near the engine bay maybe heat had something to do with it but i am not sure.

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