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Brake upgrade

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My front disc's are getting a bit low,so rather than just replace the disc's with like for like I thought I might as well upgrade.

Anyone got any suggestion,do I keep the Brembro calipers or go for the whole nine yards,calipers and disc's,Ive had a look see on Pnm but just cant make up my mind what to do.

What have you done,and is it any good shuriken.gif

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What I have done is completely insane! ;)

But it works really well, and cost me less than pretty much any other solution out there:)


Vulcan Grey 89SE


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ESPRIT S4 2.0 L - MY 1994 : 2003 rear lights with LEDs, TAROX front brakes, 330 mm / 10 pistons, CDA air Filter, RAM AIR CONERSION, CLUTCH red hose upgrade, Eprom #10 from PUK-Germany, TAROX brake discs, adjustable dampers, POP OFF, High Performance Primary and Secondary Injectpors, Electirc Water pump, hand made 4 pipes exhaust stainless steel, oil catch tank with air filter, Custom interiors made by CUSTOMINTERIORS Parma in double colour, 3 additional coloured gauges (turbo, vacuum, gas).

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Hi Nigel,

Here's a few photos of what I've done and am doing to my S4s.

I have replaced the old brembo setup.

I have installed the s350 Ap discs 320 x 32 up front and 320 x 28 on the rear, and installed Ap 4 pot calipers up front.

I have just carried a 4 pot caliper install on the rear. 40 and 32mm pistons mounted on S300 brackets which have been drilled out and rethreaded to M12 to suit the calipers. I will brake down the rear setup for cleaning and painting.








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Hi Travis,

They are Compbrake Pro 7's 4 pot fitted with 40 & 32mm pistons.

I picked them up off ebay for £178 new, bargain, some guy have bought them new for a project and then never installed them.

They are 130mm mounting centres and are used as an upgrade for some Porsches.

The S300 had the same 130mm mounting centres. I picked up a pair of these rare brackets some time ago fro German ebay.

Some grinding had to be done to the rear od the caliper to stop it fouling on the radius arm, but noting too major.

I have to fabricate a 3mm spacer plate to go between the brake disc top hat and the hub to centralize the disc in the caliper.

I have also dumped the stupid delco braking system. I have fitted a MR2 master and servo using a fabricated bracket. I'm in the process of fitting the vacuum line to the servo which has an Audi A6 vacuum res tank. I'm fitting a turbo bleed valve into the vacuum line along with a vacuum gauge.

This is to adjust the amount of vacuum going to the servo so I can get the ideal amount of brake feel and brake assistance and can be gauged by the vacum gauge, in other wors adjustable vacuum assistance.

It's all work in progress at the moment, heres a few pics before while I was test fitting the servo.

Nice set up mate,Iam still thinking about what to go for unsure.png ,just a thought but do you use your workmate much laugh.pngshuriken.gif

Hi Nigel,

Yea the workmate does look a bit shagged alright. Need me a new one.




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Do you know whatthe max size disc that wheel fit under Gt3 alloys?

Amateurs built the Ark

Professionals built the Titanic

"I haven't ridden in cars pulled by cows before" "Bullocks, Mr.Belcher" "No, I haven't, honestly"

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Hi David.

Looking good far!!!! keep at it, the result is worth the work.

i now have PNM 310 slotted discs with the HI Spec calipers, Hawk pads (Subaru master/servo) standard rears

oooooooooooooooooo so nice to be able to stop with ssoooooooo much feel!!!!! and no crappy abs cutting in too soon.

Dont worry,be happy.............

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Hi Martin,

Fitted the vacuum gauage and bleed valve upto the servo today and tried it with a vacuum pump. system kept its vacuum so no leaks. Vacuum gauge very handy for this.

Connected up my front brake lines.....very hard to get those original front pipes flared!

I ended up replacing the fronts from the master back to the front suspension uprights.

Bleed the brakes... they were very spungey... then I adjusted the connecting rod inti the servo and now the pedal feels solid.

Will have to fit my new rear setup now, replace the clutch and turbo, rear oil seal, put the gearbox back in and reassemble the whole rear suspension and then I'll try me brakes out. Its all uphill!



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hey Dave, I warned you about those hard nickel brake pipes !!

Hard work done now, keep us posted on the progress.


Dont worry,be happy.............

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