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Intermittent Engine check light


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During this lovely hot weather my 95 Esprit S4 has developed an intermittent fault. The engine check light will illuminate and flicker then just go off. I am unsure as to weather this is due to the hot weather or due to a new local fuel station I started refueling at. I had the problem about a month ago but no sooner had the problem started it went away of its own accord.

My question is could dodgy fuel cause a check light warning? It seems like too much of a coincidence that when i refuel at this garage that i get the intermittent fault. Or is it the recent hot weather. The guys at my local lotus garage freescanned her on the weekend and she was showing an error code 26 which could be one of many things, however it was not storing this code (whatever that means) and all they said to me is that if it is ok most of the time just leave it.

I have stopped using the petrol station now, however me being me I would still like to know what the cause could be. Has anyone else had a similar problem?

Just want to get her right for Supercar Sunday...

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If you havent got the LEW freescan package and manual it is a MUST if you want to do home diagnostics !

1st thing I'd check is put the key to position 2 and make sure the check light for the engine warning stays on (you might have a dry joint in the bulb itself !).

Usually when it goes out it's nothing major.

Mine is doing the code 13 oxygen sensor thing atm, when it goes out it's ok.

When I mess with the rad fans however it stays on I suppose because it is more seriuos fault.

I believe cars also dump their memory if the problem does not occur within x starts: Say you get a check light and it clears the memory will wipe it after 3 or so cold starts, this might be happenign with yours.

Seriously if you havent got the freescan thing there, spend the money - def one of the most important things to have with an Esprit.

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Thanks for that Guys

However I have stopped using the petrol station and have not had the light ever come on again. Guaranteed if I did refuel there again i'd have the same problem.

Does make me wonder though.

Well I'll be at Super Car Sunday so if and of you guys want to say Hi I'm in the Red S4 with M675 ##B

Hopefully the weather will be stunning am off up to Blackpool tonight inb the Esprit a good 270 mile trip hoorah!!!

Take care and I'll be getting a Freescan ASAP.



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Well it was good to see you all (Well those who turned up to Supercar Sunday) and a big thank you to Carl.

After a lot of frustration severe torettes syndrome and severe spanner rash I managed to sort out the intermittent Engine check ligh issue. It was the Engine Check light bulb connections themselves. I replaced the bulb and the connectors and hey presto now have my S4 back to normal.

I'm still shocked that this was the cause.

Thanks to all who helped me sort this out


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