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EA60 gearbox weight ?


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I'm looking for the EA60 gearbox weight. Why ? That's a good question.

In fact, I don't understand the weight difference between EVORA and EVORA Supercharged.

Officialy, EVORA IPS weighs 1436 kg, the same than EVORA S.

EVORA weighs 1382 kg. So, a 54 kg huge difference !

More strange, the difference between EVORA IPS and EVORA S IPS is 6 kg, 1436 kg versus 1442 kg, a little bit strange, no ?

More strange, if you read this EVORA S road test, you can discover that the journalists have weighed 1421 kg with a full tank, 15-16kg less than the official weigh !

So, two questions :

- Does anybody know the EA60 gearbox weight ?

- Do you think that Lotus increases the EVORA S weight to equalize the EVORA IPS Weight. Sales argument ?

I hope you will understand what i mean blush.png

U660E weigh 94.4 kg.


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The difference in weight has less to do with the gearbox and more do do with the cooling. The Evora IPS and 'S' have the additional cooler(s) (model year dependant) and associated pipework and ducting that the manual N/A Evora doesn't have. Then on top of this the 'S' has the actual supercharger and ancillaries.

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