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The land that taste forgot (Ronin content)


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Seems Pistonheads were not impressed by Frank's car

Their LA motorshow blog

Bottom picture captioned "Tuner hall was the land that taste forgot"

With a picture of a heavily modified grey exige

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I don't think Frank made his bolide to impress Piston me it's always seemed to be one man's quest for the ultimate he can do. As for the's all a matter of taste, which is very individual. I know someone who thinks Concorde is ugly!!!

Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." - Albert Einstein

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As I posted in the LA Auto Show thread, I offered to take him for a little canyon cruise after the show and then let him write whatever he likes after he's seen why this car is purpose built with functional aero and grip for the power...

He of course pussied out....

I guess the engineering isn't important to a internet auto journalist when only personal taste in color choice is the criteria..

I think it's fast enough…maybe

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