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Engine out

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Have decided I'm going to remove the engine and gearbox out of my Elite S1 as there are many jobs to done on both the engine and gearbox/clutch.

So far I have removed:

Throttle cable

Choke cable

All water pipes that I can see

Fuel pipes to carbs

Cables to starter and alternator

Coil to distributor cables and leads

Clutch cable

Reverse warning cable

Have yet to remove the air conditioning compressor. The manual says just to remove the compressor from the block and put out of the way.

Anything I have forgotten?





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Hi Paul

You are pretty much there...

I guess you have ho A/C gas in the system,i undid the bolt that holds the plate at the rear of the compressor,this then allowed the A/C pipes to be released

A few tips from my point of view on how to help remove the engine/box

Remember to undo the large bolt for the gearbox mount

drain the gearbox oil

remove gearstick

the front engine mount nuts

plus maybe a few other small items,but not much,make sure everything is tied back out of the way

A problem you may have is if you are removing the engine with the box you need the car to be high in the air as you need to pull the units foward the get a steep angle at the front to clear the nose and the sump to clear the front crossmember,you may have to remove the rad fans to help with the space at the front

My dads i actually moved the units foward then undone all the gearbox bolts and lifted the engine out then lifted the gearbox out by hand,the car was on all four wheels aswell!!

But you need to undo as many of the bellhousing bolts as possible underneath at an early stage.

I removed the breakers engine and box as a lump,i found this in some ways a pain as the top of the gearbox hit the tunnel and i couldn,t get the steep angle at the front to get the whole lot out,so i cut a large section out of the nose!!!!

I found getting the hoist chains in the exact position a bit of a pain to be honest,maybe the gearbox/engine split is a better route??

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I removed the bellhousing bolts in situ, then lifted the engine out with a strop wrapped around inlet manifold ports 2 and 3.

Apparently, if you do this with gearbox attached, just loop strop around port 3 of the inlet manifold, to achieve balance. And yes, you will need to raise the front of the car - I had all four wheels off the ground.

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Yes, I was unsure when I first heard this but having tried it myself, I have to say it works.

Apparently it's SOP @ Lotus. As I say, I've only tried it with the engine seperated from the gearbox, but it is supposed to work well with the unit combined.

Once you've cleared the gearbox input shaft it balances very nicely.

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I would try the old 'grab the engine with your hands and wiggle and pull' before I tried prising between the mating faces. Too easy to damage mating surfaces.

Hopefully, it will come apart like this.

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Thanks to everyone for the great advice about splitting the two units whilst in the car, worked a treat! Now the engine is out I'll change the exhaust manifold, remove and paint the cam covers and give the block a good clean. Anything else I should be doing whilst its on the bench?

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Good plan John. Should I replace the clutch whilst it'll be easy to do?

Gearbox question - going to lift the gearbox out tomorrow hopefully but am having problems remove the gear lever. Have released the tabs on the lock washer but haven't got "special tool 32" that I need to undo the lever. Any suggestions?

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check clutch/flywheel replace if needed toe bearing realease bearing rear crankshaft oil seal front good idea also,check all pully wheels for wear, aux housing seal,cam seals,crankshaft end float,

and what johnW said^^or have good look, rear crank one though is good idea!!

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I'd suggest (looking forward a bit) that when you put them back in you do that as a single unit (if you can get under the car quite easily to guide the gearbox output shaft), as mating them can be a pig in the car. It's not impossible to do the back in separately, sometimes it goes in really well, but easier out of the car. If you do for the two pieces approach then my single biggest piece of advice is, mate them together first out of the car then pull them apart knowing the clutch etc lines up perfectly.

Jobs while it's out? How long since that water pump was regularly used? If quite a while then refurb it, it may well hold water for a short while but it's likely to fail in just a few hundreds of miles and then you've got that awkward job (and put a socket head bolt in that position near the car sprocket edge when you do it).

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Water pump off today as well as cam covers, carbs and inlet manifold. Ordered a recon pump from SJ (along with gaskets for exhaust manifold) and I will hopefully pick up Dans spare exhaust manifold at the weekend.

Tidied the garage up a bit too.


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