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rusty fuel tank woes


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well guess what.. my drivers side (US) tank decided to spring a leak over the weekend. I ruled out every other hose and fitting and finally pulled to bottom engine cover and discovered that I have a major leak from the lhs tank. Reading the other thread here had me tossing and turning in bed for the past 2 hours since I cant afford to have someone do this now and I sure as hell dont have the time to do it myself.

Then it hit me.. for well under $500 I can get a nice 16 gal racing fuel cell, a beautiful new walbro racing fuel pump and a *working* fuel level sender (heaven forbid) plus all of the hoses and fittings I would need to make this fit the car. I removed the trunk floor a long time ago so its not like i will be sacrficing any storage space plus this solves the whole rusty fuel tank service nightmare issues once and for all. I'm also getting visions of a race car fuel filler fitted on the rear deck dead center and as far back as possible.

This is kinda a no brainer for me right now as my choices are:

a. get the fuel cell

b. torch the car for insurance money

So who out there has fitted a fuel cell to their esprit lately??

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Great bit of lateral thinking...but won't it affect the handling badly, moving the CofG that far rearwards? And crash safety?

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That is extra weight back there if you but a fuel cell back there, not sure what it will do. You will also have to rig up the right tank well mount fuel pumps.

To get the car in driving condition you can disconnect the fuel lines and for now cap them off. The fuel pump is the right side tank. You will lose the fuel sender as it is in left side. A full right side tank will give you about somewhere around 150 mile range depending on how you dirve the car.

The tank rotted most likely because of the rear quater window leaking water so fix that first. The left side is the easier of the 2 to fix. If the leak is at the bottom of the tak you can do a quick fix with POR 15 sealant as in most cases it is leaking at or near the bottom seam. to coat the interior of the tank you have to be able to tip the tank or move it to spread the sealant around the bottom of the tank. I recall that a person who I will refer to only as DC poured sealant into his tank and did violent manuvers in the early morning hours at a deserted parking lot to spread the sealant around the bottom of his tank. (Not recommended but it worked.) Do not use an inflatable bladder repair or whole interior coating without removing the sender as you will lose you fuel gauge if you do so.

For tank removal I have been told the left side is the easier of the two but it is a major hassle. You may have to undo the engine mounts and jack it over a bit to get clearance to remove the tank. Big hassle but easier than the right side. If the right rear window is leaking fix it now before the right side goes out. Do you know how to tell if you have lost the window seals?


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thanks for the tips.. I usually run 5-8 gallons of gas in my car at any given time so I dont think weight will be a big consideration. 1 gallon of gas = 6 pounds so i dont think an extra 30-50 pounds will make any difference whatsoever. i'm looking at a summit 10 gallon tank which is perfect size 17x17x9" for where I want to put it. Also adding an aeromotive A1000 fuel pump (overkill) and the fittings to hold it all together for a grand total of around $600. So wish me luck folks as I'm going to play with gasoline for the first time.

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Well the gas tank, fuel level sender, hose ends and 10ft of -8 braided hose were waiting for me when i got home tonight. Looks like its going to be a perfect fit. I was planning on fabbing up an aluminum pan to sit under the tank in case it sprung any leaks but I think I can just put the floor back in and still have plenty of room. The tank itself is beautifuly built unpainted aluminum and I got nickel plated hose ends to match. It is packed about halfway with open celled foam which keeps the gas from airating and prevents explosion (!) in case of a massive collision. Its fitted with a tipover valve which lets air in as gas is removed but will close in case you flip the car over (!) and has a sump in the rear to prevent fuel starvation under acceleration. I'm planning on putting it on the right side of the trunk behind the relay box (now empty in my car) as far forward as possible for crash safety. I'm expecting the fuel pump to arrive on monday so by wed. at the latest I should be done. I decided to go with a walbro 255lph external pump as they are very proven in turbo applications and are dirt cheap ($150) compared to other brands. Not nearly as pretty as some of the more expensive pumps but I had the same pump in my old eclipse gs-t which was making 400 hp to the wheels. Total expenses so far are $510 including 2 day shipping on the tank.

I am guesstimating a 10 hour job ahead of me with plenty of pics so stay tuned.

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