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Channel 4 is a bit pony, can you pick up Channel 5 where you live?


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I'm watching the "Dam Busters" on least that's good shite!! Most programmes are total twaddle and one needs to be selective.....have you tried "Twenty Twelve" on BBC4, Wednesdays? It's sort of "The Office" meets the Olympic organisers... worth a look. Couldn't be made anywhere else but Russia or America, they'd all be shot!

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Another vote for Shite.

As I type its sunday night - between 20:00 - 21:00 and I have chosed to watch repeats of Bullseye on Challenge. Thats how bad I think it is.

Main problem I think is that there is now so much airtime to fill that quality has gone down as a result.

That and the fact I don't want to watch dancing, ice skating, talent contests, random retards in a house for 8 weeks, or people from Essex.

I have a theroy that daytime TV is so bad so it encourages people to go and work rather than stay at home.

You really can't beat a bit of bully. Damn I've just won a speedboat!

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Tis niether age, nor location, TV hasn't been on in this house for some days. If there's something I wasn to watch I'll turn it on, when it's finnished it goes off.

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You think yours is bad. You should live over here. Even our Satellite TV is terrible. Reruns, repeats and awful programs. It's enough to drive you to drink. hic!

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I dunno. I have Sky and can always find something to watch, even if its off the hard drive of saved items or anytime.

My problem is actually finding the time to watch all the shows I enjoy!!

I must say Sky Atlantic is Awesome!

Love all the Poker I can watch and the Documentaries are brilliant! I know more about building ships and extreme engineering, aincient Rome, working in an Airport/trucking/fishing/soldiering, nature, WW2 and Great moments in Politics/Sports etc, than I could ever have hoped to learn at school!

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Yes its been complete s**t for ages,I used to come home from school and could not wait for the next episode of Sweeney,professionals,The saint,The Persuaders,six million dollar man,Kung Fu ,alias smith and jones,chips,anit arf hot mum,dads army,bionic woman,the avengers,new avengers,danger man,saphire and steel,branded,garasons gorillas,air wolf,etc etc etc the only program in the last few years that was anything like some of this lot was, life on mars and ashes to ashes.

As her in doors always tells me,"we got all those channels but all you watch is repeats",shuriken.gif

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Compared to American TV, British TV is brilliant. In fact, it's pretty well all we watch. We get it through torrent services. The sheer variety of types of program on network British TV is enormous compared to the network stugg over here. Anything that's not reality, crime drama, sit com or fantasy adventure is pushed off to a specialist cable channel. And as for things where people get the chance to be witty, such as QI or Have I Got News for You, well I jhaven't found anything like that over here. No one here will take much of a chance. If a show is not an immediate success, it's pulled off the schedule. There are a load of series that never got past the first 2 episodes before being cancelled.

Of course there's loads of rubbish on but what you may think is rubbish may well be someone elses favourite programme. There's always been rubbish on. But natural history documentaries are probably better than ever and the revent documentary about doctors trying to fix solders in Afghanistan was brilliant.

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As Roger says ....come to South Africa and see how shite TV really is ! If you are in to afro-ethnic stories and mundane child like adult programs then this is the place to be.....

You guys in UK and USA are (in our eyes) so spoilt for choice .I reckon i watch about 2 hours a week as there is sweet fanny adam .

At least it allows me more time for other things and the weather is good.

I must admit ,Dave in the UK is a really good channel as far as tele goes.

Technically sound ...Theoretically poked !

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As someone else said its the sheer amount of channels to fill, so therefore budgets. Small budgets will enevitably lead to cheap programmes such as drivle like the only way is Essex, or entire series dedicated to large travelling people getting hitched. These pander to the lowest common denominator which in the case of the two above are either sneering and laughing at people or even envy of their lifestyles by the sofa dwelling neirdowells who take so much of my paypacket each month. Some peoples tv's should have a red top on them as they use them as a moving pictures version of a tabloid newspaper.

Having said all that there is some good stuff still being made, I have three or four shows at any one time that I consider unmissable and Sky Plus to edit out the ad breaks that seem to get longer and more frequent as each year passes.

I think American drama is going through a golden period at the moment, and I hold up Boardwalk Empire, and Bluebloods as shining examples, both on Sky Atlantic, and the BBC can always be relyed upon to come up with a gem from time to time, currently Sherlock, which I think is a work of genius.

As Nige said above when we were kids we used to eagerly await our favorite shows, oh and Nige you missed out such classics as anything by Gerry Anderson UFO & Space 1999 as two examples. A, because they were good and B, if we missed them we would have to wait for the repeat, which could be years away.

Are we all thinking tellys crap because we have just come from Christmas where it was fairly awful? I really dont understand why the residents of Albert Square dont all go away for Christmas, as if they stay at home they can only expect a crap Christmas dinner followed by either being blown up or murdered before the Queen has finished her speech. I'm thinking next year to design my own Christmas telly around Christmas's of long long ago and would it run something like this.

Christmas morning, Leslie Crowther or Rolf Harris, or Noel Tidybeard giving toys to sick kids in hospital followed by Laurel and Hardy.

Christmas afternoon, after lunch, The Great Escape.

Christmas Night, The Spy Who Loved Me, followed by Morcambe & Wise.

All welcome round mine next year

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