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Originality vs Reliability and Functionality

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I suspect that if Hilly or Punky put their modified Esprit's up for sale, there'd be a fair bit of interest (Brian Angus wholehartedly approved of Punky's installation and said Lotus should have made a V6 instead of a V8) and attain an equal or higher price than their equivalent standard peers.

My choice of an Audi unit is based upon the fact that Audi have a good transaxle, providing the prospect of a complete installation and whilst the TT has been described as having a sterile drive, in component form it's a light, powerful and economical engine that easily chipped to 300bhp and tuned to 400bhp. Perhaps if I'd said the 3.2L V6 or 4.2L V8 it would have been more readily accepted (there are already three Audi combination V8 S3's on the site)

For me its about having a fantastic looking car that I can get in and drive without the need to warm it up and everything will work, every time.

If I was still travelling up and down the country I would consider (being really perverse and contraversial) fitting an Audi 3.0 V6 Diesel, looks, power and economy (I know it would sound crap)


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Audi already do a Diesel TT and also did a Diesel R8, so no issues there Colin.

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Professionals built the Titanic

"I haven't ridden in cars pulled by cows before" "Bullocks, Mr.Belcher" "No, I haven't, honestly"

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On 10 January 2012 at 21:24, skiing said:

I have:

glass engine cover / oil catch tank / engine light not to mention that the engine is a HC unit out of an excel (which I fitted after the last went bang), I have air extraction fans in the ducts to aid hot starting, the whole area around the glass cover is properly carpeted including a carpeted panel which covers the boot and hinges up.

Interior is re-done in cream leather with charcoal grey on the binnacle / under the windscreen and grey carpets. I have fitted the Panasonic RM610 roof stereo out of an Essex and re-located the clock to were the stereo was in a plain black leather panel. There is a small under-dash panel on either side of the dashboard with switches for the engine light / rear fans / front fans and fire alarm system.

I have fitted a pair of speakers into carpeted boxes at the of each sill under the dash.

Under the skin there is also a whole lot of improvements with many parts re-made in stainless and replaced / hoses replaced / fuel tanks replaced.



These all add usability - (helps keep it cool in traffic etc.) but do not change the overall looks of the car etc.)

are you able to post some pictures of your  glass engine cover  please?

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Personally, I would never install a non-Lotus engine. I think they made a masterfull made engine in the 4 pots,a nd also in the V8's, but i want my car to be reliable, so I change parts on an early scheme, to be ahead of Things. Some mods are worth doing anyhow, like tanks.

I keep all original parts cleaned up and packed, for eventual return to complete originality, if a future owner want it so. But I did not buy my Esprit to keep a certain resale value determined by someone greybeared or a teen at a seldmade mag, be that online or not, so i don't care. I keep it oem+ - original with sensible mods that can be returned back to originality.

Price-wise I would like to see the Esprits keep at a low Price, because they get driven, not stored. Garagequeens ar not of my interest. They also break Down, anyway. I have had two minor Things on my Esprit in 2½ year: one plug that needed to be pressed back on tight, and one headlight nylon gear that pulverized. Both sorted easily and did not affect the drivability. But solved, of course.

For example the rubber bushings are not of good quality, and although all mine are changed to new rubber ones, I now change them for Lotac original bushings. Job done, less worries long term.

Most of my changes on my car is original Lotus parts from various models.

Kind regards,


Nobody does it better - than Lotus ;)

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