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Headlamps need replacing

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I had to replace my headlights by LHD models after I brought my S4s back on the continent. I bought a Non-Lotus pair from SJ which was much cheaper than the original Lotus part. I can't recall the exact price but it did not appear excessive to me (from memory, it was under or around £100 a piece).

1980 Peugeot 504 Coupé V6Ti

2000 Peugeot 406 Coupé V6SE

1996 Lotus Esprit S4s

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also i have a standard lamp in my living room nicesmoke.gif

Yeah but what pattern has lamp shade got on it,flowers,plain,strips,dots,animals,cars,bikes,letters,planes,woodworking tools,vcr's,tv's,people,vans,handles,brushes,candles,screw drivers,screws,nails,sheds,fax machines,phones,wheels smile.pngshuriken.gif

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Well after a bit of ringing around SJ Sportscars came up trumps.

2x outer lamps

2x inner lamps

4x studs

4x white plastic bits

Came to a mere £318.00 delivered thumbup.gif

The inner ones are not Lotus ones, but they still came with the bracket fitted and it went straight on without any messing around.The only thing that was differant was, both lamps are concaved,where as before one of the lamps it concaved and one convexed,so if your like me you will need to change both so they match smile.png

One place quoted £130.00 inner and £80.00 outer,I assume these were lotus bits sad.png ,I also tried going down the breakers route, Douglas valley had a 350 and I asked how much for the headlamps,they came back with £500.00 not include VAT or post for the 2 pods c/w lamps sad.png .


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I was going to buy some from ebay,until I saw the inner headlamp has the bracket all moulded into the lamp its self,the outer one is easy just drill out the rivets and then re rivet,although i also put a bit of silicone around the lamp to hold it a bit more secure.

So how did you fix the inner ones in Rich shuriken.gif

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Hi Guys i bought saturn lamps from Holden,s and i found out i had to buy the backing bowl as it had the adusting and fixing brackets,but the bowl doesnt fit into the lotus hole so i cut the front off at the required angle and mounted it with a tuffnell spacing block which i had to cut and shape ,now im thinking of getting two more lamps for the side lights and putting 60 watt bulbs as the Dip on the esprit is not good ,it is either this or buy a new complete replacement set from C,Niel motors chesire at about £300 From holdens it works out at 40 per lamp so maybe the kit is easier to fit and less hassle ,anyone with any suggestions as i need to buy two Dip lamps complete or buy the two plus backing pots ,any idea,s welcome my email is [email protected] thanks

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