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Excel Suspension

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I realise this topic has been done to death but I thought I would ask a question specific to my needs. (I've had a quick look on the forum but it didn't give me all the answers.)

I'm am looking at replacing my suspension and toying with the idea of giving it a go myself. I am a complete novice when it comes to suspension however. The dampers definately need replacing. I don't know if the springs need replacing. How do I check?

What dampers would you recommend? I am in Australia but don't mind buying online from overseas. Can I replace the dampers without removing the springs?

My other option is taking it to the pros and letting them replace them for me. I would still like an idea of the best dampers to go with however.

Pre-emtive thanks.


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Fronts you can replace the dampers leaving springs in place, they just drop through the hole in the arm, rears the spring seat is attached to the damper so it's both off together.

The pain can be undoing the top nut that secures the damper arm , the nut seizes on and you struggle to find anywhere to grip it while turning the nut, you can get round the issue with a hacksaw and just cut down the side of the nut.

I'd go with Mike Taylor's judgement and go AVO (I think that's what he currently sells).

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Thanks for the responses guys. I might have to find a time to give lotusbits a call. I may even try and get their suspension kit and see if I can get someone to install it.

That is, of course, after I remedy the sheared bolt on my thermostat housing... It never ends...

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