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I'm installing my gearbox into my S1.

This is the Citroen type box.

I have bought some new bushes for the gearbox hangers from SJ as the old ones were shot.

Now I have a clash issue see picture.

I have measured the best I can from face of gearbox to centre of the engine mount, this is 320mm give or take a bit and hence the gearbox is now in the correct position apart from needing some 15mm spaces to fill the gap!

Is this all correct? or is something dodgy going on?


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in the next days I will mount my gearbox on the chassis so I was reading this topic with interest.

I have searched a lot about that and I think that there are not any differences in the alloy brackets from S1 to S2 cars, tha parts are the same and not service bullettin from lotus about that.

Seeing your pics Mark I would say:

Originally there wasn't any washers-spacers between the parts to compensate anything

the majority of cars have not any spacers

mine did not have them

and as you have bought NOT original gearbox mounting rubbers from SJ, I would suspect something wrong with these parts, ( not uncommon with SJ spares...) looking at the pics they seems to have too much rubber protusion out of the triangolar chassis brackets.

also, always looking at the pic, you can gain at least 3mm space, mounting the gearbox brackets in the correct way, as they don't need spring washer under the bolts, just a plain washer.

The spring washer is correctly fitted under the nut on the other side.

I think all the cars fitted with spacers between these parts have worn rubber engine mounts, so they need to compensate the gap.

I will let you know how my gearbox will fit in the next days.


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